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Ensuring Regular Safety Protocols At Your Events

Ensuring Regular Safety Protocols At Your Events

The health and safety of our communities will always be our top priority. The ambiguity remains constant even with the latest vaccine developments around the world. Event attendees are opting for the safest venue that follows necessary protocols during this time. For this reason, we want to do everything in our capacity to help you make decisions about your event, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our users requested a functionality where they can have the option to automatically block or hold nearby or adjacent seats once a ticket is booked. To ensure event seating safety protocols while attending a physical event, we’re happy to announce the launch of our Social Distancing Holds.

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Creating an additional layer of event safety is now easily achievable by configuring your holds, hold codes, and the number of blocked seats from your Event Setup Wizard interface.

Currently, hosting live events means being proactive in your logistics and operations before, during, and after the event. For those who’re all set to host their upcoming events, rather than focusing on an ideal number, focus on an event planning checklist.

Here’s How You Can Ensure Regular Safety Protocols At Your Events

Ensure Ground Rules

Ensure Freedom Of Movement

Clear Your Queues

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Combine Your Online & Offline Events

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Limit Occupancy Areas

We hope our safety protocol checklist proves to be valuable for all your upcoming events and enhances your event management. 

For more such safety protocols and strategies, check out our COVID-19 Resources For Event Presenters.

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