Enhancing Event Visibility Through Search Engine Optimization

Enhancing Event Visibility Through Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which can be described as online practices and techniques for improving website traffic. Deciphering Google’s search engine algorithm requires a true master as it’s getting smarter each day which is why SEO has become crucial for event marketing

Our inbuilt event ticketing functionalitySEO for events is undisputed for event marketers and venue owners wanting to enhance their visibility in the digital landscape, especially those who wish to attract the right audiences to boost their ticket sales. With online engagement at an all-time high, it’s become even more crucial to stand out from your competition.

Before going live with your events, work around the SEO content in such a way that your event page ranks higher in the SERPS. This way, you enhance the organic reach of your event’s page and enhance visibility.

Here’s How You Can Enhance Your Event Visibility Through Search Engine Optimization:

  • Create Or Edit Your Yapsody Event

As soon as you sign up or log in on Yapsody, you can access your dashboard or we like to call it – the Event Setup Wizard to start creating or editing your events. On the event editing page, you’ll notice tabs like Event Info, Pricing, and Customize, and Marketing.

Source – Yapsody Dashboard

Select the ‘Marketing’ tab where you can see tabs like SEO, Text link, and Button. Select ‘SEO’ to access the configuration window.

  • Optimize Your Event Page 

Once you are land on the configuration window, you’ll be able to change the different parameters and see them getting reflected in the Search Result Preview at the top. Here are the parameters that you need to optimize for maximum results: 

  • Meta Title

This is the title of your event page that will be the first thing everyone will notice in the search result. Whichever keywords you use in your meta title have to also appear in your event page content for maximum optimization. 

Stick to the event theme while using trigger keywords your potential audience is most likely to search for. Also, keep the title length less than 60 characters because titles overshooting the limit get truncated by Google. 

  • Meta Description

This will be a short summary of your event or shows which will be displayed in search results. Make your summary keyword-rich and informative so that potential audiences are compelled to click and land on your events page. Again, limit it to 160 characters because Google will most likely truncate it if it exceeds that limit.

Source – Yapsody Dashboard

  • Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are phrases or terms that can be very specific and generic to your event. Through meta keywords, open up your search probability by using generic terms such as live concerts, or location-based keywords such as live concerts in New York along with the names of musical acts. 

Once you’ve successfully optimized your event SEO,  you can go LIVE and wait for the Google magic to take form. After which, this optimized page will be the lifeblood of your event marketing campaign.

Through our ticketing dashboard, your event marketers or SEO specialists can optimize the keywords that trigger your event to appear on top of the search results. They can create and preview appealing titles, meta descriptions, and meta keywords. 

With our in-built SEO Optimization feature, you can optimize and enhance your event visibility to help event attendees discover your event organically. Now, isn’t that a good enough reason to use our event ticketing platform? 

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