Engaging Your Patrons Better With Yapsody’s White-Labeled Support

Engaging Your Patrons Better With Yapsody’s White-Labeled Support

In this climate of uncertainty, businesses worldwide have either curtailed their offerings or come to a standstill until further notice. Yet, acting purely out of our love and commitment to supporting our family of Native American Casinos in achieving a swift recovery, we are extending our existing suite of services to the Casino Assistance & Recovery Program. 

Our White-Labeled Customer Care is one of the key pillars of the recovery program. We have an outstanding track-record of providing highly reliable & trustworthy white-labeled customer support equipped with a talented team following global practices. We put top-notch customer care at the forefront of your hospitality business to help you acquire, engage, and retain your loyal patrons. 

Here’s Why Engaging Your Patrons Is Better with Our White-Labeled Support:

1. 24/7 Inbound & Outbound Support 

With everyone having to stay indoors for the majority of the time, naturally, the online engagement rates have increased. As a major hospitality venue owner and event organizer, you might’ve also faced a heavy volume of customers calling in asking for a refund or enquiring about your upcoming shows.

With our 24/7 inbound and outbound support working under your brand name, we are accustomed to handling a large volume of calls pertaining to any of your queries whether it’s hotel booking, reservations, cancellations, and even technical queries. With customer support off your back, you can rest easy and focus on important business decisions during his critical period. 

2. Knowledgebase Development

Through specialized knowledge managers, your business operations are monitored regularly to create your knowledge base articles with accurate information on an ongoing basis. This helps your patrons in finding solutions proactively by visiting your website with the knowledge articles which saves time and improves customer experience.

3. Customer Outreach & Retention Programs 

Our suite of services has been smartly designed to acquire, engage, and retain your customers. With our customer outreach & retention programs, you can create a continuous cycle of personal engagement with your esteemed customers. Our edge for efficiently handling large volumes of customer queries through 24/7 live chat, email, and chat support. 

4. Webinar Phone Support

Our customer care team is replete with specialized Subject Matter Experts who conduct regular webinars on an on-demand basis to demonstrate your products and app usage that makes the journey at your venue more streamlined.  We also deep dive into your hospitality products to conduct demos to your customers.

Apart from these services, it’s really our team of global experts and the choice of world-class customer care software that make engaging with your loyal patrons a piece of cake. Learn more about our Customer Care services here.

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