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Email Marketing – Driving Conversions For Your Event

Email Marketing – Driving Conversions For Your Event

An email invitation is an integral part of event marketing. Despite the presence of social media platforms and event listing sites, sending personalized emails to your potential audience is still one of the most effective ways of growing your event revenue

Based on our crucial email marketing trends, these are a few email marketing strategies you can follow: 

  • Hyper-Personalized Emails
  • Drip campaigns or automated email campaigns
  • Interactive Email Templates
  • Appreciation Emails

To make your email marketing-led event conversions more effective, pay attention to key email marketing metrics such as the open rate and click-through rate. 

According to MailChimp benchmarks, event invitation mailers on average tend to have:

  • 21.21% of recipients opening the emails
  • 2.33% of recipients clicking links in the email

Given the achievable conversion rates, a well-designed email invitation is worth your efforts. 

Here Are Few Tips You Can Follow To Drive More Conversions:

1. Use Clever Subject Lines

To generate healthier open rates, event invitation needs to use clever copywriting. Include buzz words and compelling actions such as ‘You’re Invited’ in the subject line. It’s clear, simple, direct, and intriguing.

Also, don’t forget to personalize the invites and customize your e-tickets to suit the event and brand persona. According to an email marketing study by Avasam, personalized emails stand out better and have an average open rate of 82%. 

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2. Use Banners

Visual communication drives conversion better and what better way to incorporate images in your email than by using banners? Banners bring out your event branding elements into the email and help to communicate creatively. 

Visuals are processed faster than text, which is why using creative GIFs or videos also improves the open and click rates for your email campaign

3. Call-to-Action

When you are trying to persuade someone to register for the event, make sure to:

  • Strategically place and highlight CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons in the mailers.
  • Don’t forget to include at least one, and a prominent CTA button. 
  • Hyperlink the CTA(s) to the right landing or registration page that has a provision to purchase tickets.

4. Build Audience Personas

Addressing your target audience in a relevant way is always better than sending one-size-fits-all mailers. Therefore, before scheduling event invitation campaigns, it’s a good practice to perform demographic profiling and then segregating your audience according to their location and interest. 

Learn How You Can Build Attendee Personas for Your Event.

5. Design And Content

A steady balance of design and content are the primary attributes of the email. Your users will love your brand and event persona reflecting in your emailers. No one likes a drab, shoddy-looking emailer that looks like a last-minute effort. Creating compelling and visually strong email design templates will save you a lot of time while running your drip campaigns.

6. Test Your Emails

Testing your emails determines which campaign is doing better than the other in open or click rates. In A/B testing, you create two versions of the same email campaign and send it to a small portion of your attendee list before you send it to the masses. 

You can do A/B testing in 3 ways:

  • Subject Line– You can have a different subject line for each version
  • Sender name- Try a different sender name for each version
  • Email Content- Try different content or header title or visual content

Monitor the A/B tests to identify which email campaign works the best. Do check out our Marketing Suite Of Services for those looking for a pinpointed approach to email marketing and conversions. As an event organizer or a hospitality venue, you can utilize our expertise to get the most out of your event’s email marketing funnel to improve your overall conversions. 

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