Ways To Give Your Attendees The Perfect Event Experience

Ways To Give Your Attendees The Perfect Event Experience

I may not be the queen of puns, but I’m sure that title caught your attention. Oh, wait, eight-tention! What’s with the eight, you ask? We figured that with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter taking on the virtual world like hurricanes (but, in a lot nicer way), emails just look outdated. Yes, they just LOOK outdated, but they aren’t. If you can still manage to jam eyeballs onto your email notification with a crazy subject line, your pre-event email can nail it. And it can nail it way better than other social media websites can. We’ll show you eight ways to hammer that thing right in –

Number One: The Subject Predicament

When you have a lot of content in your emails, it is very difficult to come up with a crisp subject line because either you end up using jargon, or you just make it too long. Ideally, a crisp subject line should convey the content in less than eight words (it is NOT my favorite number #coincidence). Yapsody, for example, has a Translation Program that offers free access to premium features to users who help translate the online ticket store in their local language. While sending out emails about the same, “Relate, Translate, Rebate” would be a better option than “Get Involved In Our Translation Program And Get Free Premium Features”.

Number Two: Open Sesame!

Your opening paragraph should have three main points –

  1. Address them personally. There’s no better way to impress someone.
  2. Tell them about the event; just don’t throw it at their face. Show your excitement. For example, Seeing you at Tick-event this Friday, 21 August, 2015 would be so much fun!
  3. Don’t forget to mention the date so that they instantly add it to their calendars.

Number Three: The Rest

It’s an email, not a blog post. Make it short and crisp and get to the point at once instead of beating around the bush. Convey all important details of the event in a concise manner when it comes to the body of the email.

Number Four: How To Get There

Give details about the location and the venue. Include as many landmarks as you can and make sure you also provide a map. Now, map implies both of these things:

  1. Floor plan of the venue
  2. Google Map (with directions to the location)

Also, inform them about the public transport available, set up a Google doc for people who would want to share rides, and let them know about the parking scenes.

Number Five: What Is It ALL About

Of course, emails have to be concise. But, interested audience would still want to know about the entire agenda. So, include a link to your complete agenda in your email.

Number Six: WaaiiiFaaiii!!

Sue me if I’m the only person who gets excited when it comes to (free) WiFi. Sometimes, it’s even better than (free) food. Tell your attendees that the WiFi is going to be speedy and strong and that you’ve worked hard for it. Though, you’d want to mention that they could still use their data connections in case of issues.

Number Seven: #Hashtags

Ask them to use the event’s hashtag if they post any update/picture/video on any of the social media platforms. Hashtags are a great way to link attendees to your event personally and get their followers in your basket, too.

Number Eight: I’ll Be There For You…

… ‘cause you’re there for me, too!

Let them know you’re always there to help them out. Provide your customer support’s details (email, contact number, live chat) to give them a sense of reliability from your end.

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