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Effective Time Management Tips For Event Planners

Effective Time Management Tips For Event Planners

Time management is an essential skill set when planning, organizing, and marketing an event. While using our online ticketing features, you have all the flexibility needed for effective event management, revenue stream optimization, branding, and marketing. However, what really counts and gets the work done is making the correct utilization of your time and maximizing productivity.

An event manager and his team can never quite get enough time to get things done but with the help of our standard time management tips, you can stay on top of your checklist effortlessly.

Here Are Few Effective Time Management Tips For Event Planners:

1. Build Your Event Agenda

Your events and shows are only as good as the hard work that goes into them. Whether it is your event marketing, logistics, ticketing process, or the event invite, everything needs to be working in a timely manner like a well-oiled machine. 

Invest your time in building an event agenda with your teams and crew with actionable points, responsibilities, and tasks from start to finish. Our Guide to Building A Logical Event Agenda should help you get started right away and get back into the game. Learn how you can: 

  • Narrow down your overall event goals
  • Conduct an early outreach campaign 
  • Finalizing event marketing collaterals 
  • Create pre-event party buzz 

2. Keep A Checklist in Hand

Once you’ve built your entire event agenda, it’s time to create a standard checklist based on what each team member’s responsibilities are. A checklist is a simple yet powerful way of getting things done without missing a beat. 

Whether you’re pre-planning with 6 months down the road or 1 month to D-Day, our Ultimate Event Planning Checklist will help you alleviate most of your planning-induced stress. Our standard phase-wise event checklist will serve you well while planning and organizing your upcoming events

3. Narrow Down Targets & Goals

The key to successful event planning is time management but closing down on your key targets & goals will help you rest easy while your event runs on autopilot. Finalize on the little things such as following up with event vendors, event caterers

Whether your goal is registrations, event conversions, sold-out venue, generating event sponsorship revenue, we suggest closing those tasks early on so that you can focus your time on the event day.  

4. Keep Your Emailers Handy 

Emailers are one of the most useful assets for event planners as it helps them send out phase-wise email updates. Refer to our readymade Email Templates For Event Planners to get that much-needed headstart in drafting emails.

Few Reasons For Using Email Marketing Templates To Save Time: 

5. Use Our Enterprise-Grade Features

Our ticketing platform has been built with intuitiveness and solution-based features for the average event presenter. This is exactly what our Enterprise-Grade features do, whether it’s giving the team access to certain Yapsody features or perhaps making sure nothing is out of line, our feature cluster will bring out your team efficiency and streamline your team management. 

This feature cluster includes: 

  • User Access ControlAlign or restrict specific user permissions to your team members based on their role in the dashboard at a granular level.
  • YapScanWith YapScan you can save time by verifying a high volume of tickets by scanning QR codes, searching names, and e-ticket numbers.
  • 24/7 SupportFacilitate the best in your team through enhanced event setup, integrations, query solving, event-day operations, and everything in between with the help of our support staff.

To sum it up, time management for event planning is straightforward but tricky. However, set goals before you begin to execute and keep your goal brief to assign dedicated teams to do their allotted work. 

The clearer your goals, the more you can narrow down your options and thus effectively shorten the decision-making process and get more time. 

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