How to Customize your Yapsody Ticketing Store

How to Customize your Yapsody Ticketing Store

An important feature of a online ticketing system is the ability to customize your online ticket store. This allows you to match the look and feel of your website and stand out from your competition.

With Yapsody, you do not need to have any design experience or hire a professional to create an awesome looking online ticket store. Anyone can do it simply by selecting a color scheme palette or creating a custom color scheme. Then add your logo to the masthead and a background image of your choice.  Soon we will be adding multiple layouts for you to choose from.

Customize Online Ticket Store

Want to try it out? Head to the “Ticket Store Setup” section of your Settings page. You’ll see a real-time preview of your online ticket store as you make changes.  Your changes will not go live until you are ready, so feel free to experiment with all the options.

Your online ticket store is optimized to look great on any PC or mobile device regardless of how you customize it.  And what’s more is that it’s all part of our free ticketing offer.  So if you’re not already using Yapsody, this is just one more reason to switch over today.

Feel free to leave comments below and let us know what you think of this feature.  We always love to know if there is something we can do to enhance your experience!

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