Creating Value Through Your Online Events In The COVID Era

Creating Value Through Your Online Events In The COVID Era

With online events suddenly becoming the new normal for many during the COVID-19 era, as an event presenter how well have you adapted to the new normal? Chances are that your event attendees might be lacking the benefits of an in-person event and looking for the next best thing which is an online event. 

We presented our COVID-19 Resources for Event Presenters two months prior which helped a lot of event organizers and venue owners to streamline their offering accordingly. In this blog, we will help you further enhance your online event offerings. 

Here’s How You Can Create Value Through Your Online Events In The COVID Era 

1. Understand The New Landscape

We’ve witnessed many event organizers jumping on the bandwagon of creating online events across any and every platform to keep their brand presence alive. It’s understandable considering that your event revenue has taken a hit, but it’s crucial to identify the purpose of every platform and why you’re audience is on it and create events accordingly. Learn more about Choosing The Right Platform For Live Streaming Online Events

2. Dial-Up The Engagement 

Once you’ve zeroed in on your choice of online platforms, you need to create an engagement calendar with content pieces that would be tailored to your audience. Dialing up your engagement levels is crucial to building your brand presence in this new competitive landscape. Be honest about what your attendees really value from your events and it will become easier for you. 

3. Deliver Unexpected Experiences

People attend events and shows with the excitement of experiencing something new or meeting someone new. Running into something new and exciting should be a norm for your online event as well otherwise every other live stream will start running stale. Think of creative ways to pack a punch and leave them wanting more. 

4. Highlight Key Sessions On Social 

Just like how you would post a highlight reel and stories on your Instagram after an event is done, similarly, your online event attendees expect a certain level of remembrance tokens on social media for your online events. Maybe you could have a Q&A session with them or take requests or ideas for your next event. This keeps the ball rolling and keeps your engagement levels high.

We hope these highlights help you amp up your strategy for the coming months. For those looking to manage their cash flow and event investments better, check out our COVID RECOVERY Offer and SIGN UP to make full use of it. 


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