Creating The Perfect Event Seating Plan

Creating The Perfect Event Seating Plan

You’ve finally zeroed in on the event theme you wanted and aced your Instagram event marketing for your target audience. Now, you need to streamline your event seating plan before the big day. With the launch of our Social Distancing Holds, our users can now enable automated social distancing holds in their seating sections, where they can block or hold the desired number of seats for appropriate social distancing protocols.

Event seating can be one of the biggest challenges for any event planner. So, here’s how you can go about creating the perfect event seating with our event management features.

1. Upload Your Seating Chart

Speak to your venue manager and procure a venue seating chart that can be uploaded on our ticketing platform. This will help you map the sections with the seating chart uploaded by you and dictate the prices accordingly.

Seating Chart

2. Create Reserved Seating Sections

You will have an option to create sections for General Admission events or Reserved Seating events as per your Seating Chart. You can also add multiple General Admission and Reserved Sections as per your Seating Chart. Once you’ve finished adding rows and columns, add colors to seats to designate pricing tiers.

Reserved Seating


Reserved Seating

3. Create Holds

With Yapsody’s Box Office Interface, you can easily create and hold tickets for multiple categories such as VIP and artists to assign their seats beforehand. With our Social Distancing Hold functionality, create an additional layer of safety by configuring your automated holds, hold codes, and the number of blocked seats for each event performance from the Event Setup Wizard.

Create Holds

To bring this into effect, you need to enable social distancing holds for reserved seating sections from the holds tab of each performance. These event seats held for social distancing will be held under the code “SD” in holds.

Social Distancing Holds Colour

4. Customize Your E-Tickets

Your seating plan is incomplete without a custom event ticket to go with as proof. With Yapsody, let your ticket design reflect your brand using event imagery and illustrations to get your attendees excited about your event. 

What’s more? Add upcoming event details in your ticket to promote your next event with our Ticket Customization feature.

Yapsody Ticket


5. Integrate Payment Gateways

Yapsody supports offline payment methods and online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and WePay for you to choose from. You also have the flexibility to separately enable payment methods for the Virtual Box Office and Online Ticket Store. When it comes to collecting event payments you can deploy multiple choices to your attendees like credit, debit, and pay later options.

PayPal Payment Integration


6. Streamline Ticket Validation

Lastly, your event should be seamless during the check-in and ticket validation process. This is the starting point for a comfortable seating experience which is why you need to maintain zero hiccups for designing the ultimate event experience

YapScan turns all your event managers’ smartphones into a fully functional ticket validating device that can be used for scanning e-ticket barcodes, cross-checking names, e-ticket numbers, or simply scrolling through the attendee list.

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