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Creating Effective Email Subject Lines For Event Promotions

Creating Effective Email Subject Lines For Event Promotions

It is easy to send multiple email campaigns to your entire email list for your upcoming event. But in order for it to be considered a successful campaign, they need to be opened by your recipients. The factor that plays the most important role here is your email subject line. 

It’s the first thing that your recipients will read before opening the email and if the subject line is not compelling enough, your email will remain unread. You must be aware of the vast opportunities that email campaigns bring for event promotions, you definitely want to leverage its effectiveness when you integrate Mailchimp with your event ticketing system

We’ve compiled event promotion subject lines and effective cold email subject lines that will boost your open rates and click-through rates which in turn increase your overall leads. Our email marketing experts often recommend these best practices and help you with your campaigns in a highly personalized manner. 

1. Build Audience Personas

Even prior to drafting an email, you need to understand your audience whose attention you want to grab. 

Identify your target audience and their expectations from the event. For example, you could reach a higher number of audiences if you are hosting an online event since you can target an audience from different geographic locations. Hence, segregating them into diverse personas can help you draft relatable email content for that category thereby helping you increase your open rates automatically. 

2. Adjust the Length

While picking an email subject line for these recipients, it is imperative that you watch the length of the subject line. It is recommended that you use no more than 9 words and 60 characters. Describe only enough to gain their curiosity but ensure that the subject line does not get cut off. 

The best way to test this is to send a test email to yourself or your colleague(s) and check if the subject line remains intact and also allow you to view the content of the email and check for any typso (*typos, these are what you want to correct) and formatting issues. 

3. Bring Out Your Brand Persona

In order to get noticed, you’d have to battle it out for your recipient’s attention in their inbox. And the best way to do this is through effective email subject lines.

Event branding includes your brand’s logo, event imagery, event-related themes, and brand colors. All the factors have to be in sync and contribute to making your brand stand out from the crowd. Your brand’s language and tone need to be consistent across all platforms. It helps you convey the right message to your target audience. 

You could also try using emojis to capture their attention. But again, if this type of lingo goes hand-in-hand with your brand’s voice and event occasion.

And pay special attention to the kind of audience the email is being sent out to. You do not want to include emojis in emails that are inclined to highlight a serious topic. 

4. Personalization

Include recipient names, their organization’s name or other similar fields in the subject line for as personalized email subject lines are sure to get higher open rates. Give this a thought. Wouldn’t you open an email that is directly addressed to you than a general audience? And this is rightly the case when it comes to a brand that they know or like. 

Here’s our compilation of subject lines that you can use for your next event promotion:

Invitation Based Subject Lines

Discounts & Exclusive Deals

Feedback & Data Gathering

Event promotions done through email marketing are most effective when done right. Since a lot of event marketers have now integrated these practices into their daily routine you will need creativity, patience, and persistence to get the pinpointed results. To know more regarding effective marketing strategies for your brand check out our suite of marketing services or schedule a discussion with our marketing experts to gain that competitive edge. 

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