Creating A Socially Distanced Event Seating Layout

Creating A Socially Distanced Event Seating Layout

Event seating can be one of the biggest challenges for any event planner, especially during COVID times. Designing seating charts and layouts for your socially distanced events with Yapsody’s venue mapping is one way of staying ahead of the curve. Your audience inclinations and type of socially distanced event also plays a deciding factor for a safe and successful event. Based on these industry-wise insights, creating the optimum event seating plan is now possible as witnessed across the globe. 

Here’s How You Can Use Seating Maps For Effective Social Distancing

1. Add Your Custom Seating Chart 

With Yapsody, you can have an interactive seating chart for your reserved seating event.  Speak to your venue-manager and procure a venue seating chart that can be uploaded on our ticketing platform. This will help you map the sections with the uploaded seating chart and dedicate seats, sections, and rows in accordance with social distancing protocols.

Design a socially distanced seating chart so that your guests and attendees can comfortably sit at least 6 feet or 2 meters apart from each other. It’s crucial to assess the number of eats to group together for families, couples, or small groups of individuals who live or gather in close proximity to each other. 

Create different seating zones such as Solo, Family, and Couple to suit a diverse group of event attendees without hampering their comfort zones and event experience.  Once you’ve finished adding rows and columns, top it off by adding colors to seats to designate pricing tiers. 

2. Maintain Privacy With Invite-Only Codes

Add another layer of safety along with your seating maps through Invite-Only codes. Avoiding overcrowding and gatecrashers is of paramount importance at the moment. With an Invite-only event, only those with your special access code can purchase tickets thus limiting your attendees to the chosen number of seats at your venue. 

3. Enforce Social Distancing Directions

Lead your attendees and patrons to the right seating sections without having them lose their way. No one would like to bump into unknown strangers at your venue unless it’s a networking event. Use well-placed markers, signs, and symbols for a streamlined movement. 

We hope these 3 quick tips help you map your seating plans that adhere well above the expected social distancing norms. For more such tips and industry trends for event management, don’t forget to check out the Yapsody blog.

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