3 Easy Steps to Create a Memorable Event!

3 Easy Steps to Create a Memorable Event!

For many businesses, events are:

  •  A good way to build new business connections
  •  A great marketing tool and
  •  A primary source of revenue

However, hosting your own live event can be a daunting task. So, where do you even begin?  Yapsody’s easy-to-use online ticketing system with a NO-FEE model allows you to create your event in just three easy steps!  Just go to your Box Office page and click on the “CREATE EVENT” tab that is located on the top left of the screen between your account name and search bar and you are ready to begin. 

Create Event Instruction

Step 1: Add your event details and the number of tickets you want to put on sale

Step 2: Add the date and time of your performance(s)

Step 3: Add your ticket type and pricing

Taddaa! Your event has been created and your tickets are ready to be rolled out for your fans!  You can go back and edit your event as often as you’d like even after you have gone on sale.

In addition to the 3-step event creation process, we have many add-on features for performing tasks such as adding discounts and surcharges, customizing the design of your ticket, and publishing your event on various social media platforms.

So, if you want to easily manage your events, minimize your expenses, and increase your profits to become a market leader, create your events with Yapsody to reap the benefits!

Now, Create and start promoting your event in minutes. Sell tickets online with Yapsody’s easy-to-use event ticketing system.

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