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Create An Impressive Event Page For Your Brand

Create An Impressive Event Page For Your Brand

Your event experience begins the moment you create that first impression in your audience’s minds. An impressive event page that is enhanced with the necessary elements helps create that unique brand persona and recall throughout the duration of your event campaign. It’s as they say, your first impressions can make a lasting impression so make it a good one. 

Our branding and customization feature cluster makes it easier for the average event organizer to get a head start on their event branding elements

With features such as:  

Creating a lasting impression is just a few clicks away. 

Here’s How You Can Create An Impressive Event Page For Your Brand: 

It’s easy to get carried away with too much content along with images and highlight reels. However, an 60% visual ratio along with 40% content can strike a good balance while designing your event page. 

Your very own branded online ticketing store on Yapsody that can be customized via –  color palette, background, widgets, social media profiles, videos, and even a link back to your own website. How’s that for a first impression? A gallery of your past events or upcoming events in pictures and videos is the way to go for branded storytelling

A live music concert without a host of liquor and beer sponsors can be a bland affair. Listing all your sponsors and affiliate partners such as caterers is a great way to boost your event conversions

Add your sponsor logos and co-branded YouTube videos to your Online Ticket Store is a great way to brand your event page and improve your video campaigning.  

Videos garner a great impression for events pages with live music concerts, theaters, expos, conferences, and stand-up gigs. What you may try to summarise in 300-400 words will be better translated into a video and it’s more visually appealing. 

The power of videos can be unleashed on your event page by: 

Learn more about Leveraging YouTube For Your Event Marketing

It does not just stop at your event page. Take your online impression building to your social media channels by updating those handles and website links on your Online Ticket Store. This adds a layer of authenticity and openness for the event audience to check out your style of past events and make that all-important ticket purchasing decision. 

Don’t leave out any doubts when they’re on your events. Each and every piece of the query should be answered through your event invite, ticket store description, event page details, or email invite. However, on the oft-chance, your event attendees are having second thoughts about your event you’re losing out on ticketing revenue that could’ve been avoided otherwise. 

Clear the confusion you think they might have by adding custom FAQs on your Online Ticket Store. The only thing they should be imagining is how amazing your event is going to be.

Ready to create an impressive event page and Online Ticket Store? Sign Up now and unleash your inner creativity while creating your events with us.

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