A Crash Course On Facebook Advertisements

A Crash Course On Facebook Advertisements

Being a voracious online shopper, I think it’s safe to lay down the guilt of spending most of my money on carefully strategized Facebook advertisements. For all those who are unaware, these advertisements pop up in your news feed as stealthily as a little kid would sneak into the kitchen to hog on that forbidden ice-cream. The only detail that gives them away is the tiny label saying “sponsored”, which appears below the brand name.

The two best things about Facebook adverts are that they’re targeted and they’re cheap, and you only need a Facebook Business Page to be able to use them. Their primary motive is to drive traffic to a specific landing page, and your ads will only appear in the news feeds of people who belong to your target audience. This is decided by their profile movements and demographics.


This one gives me a déjà vu because I’ve already used the same subheading in another blog post, but it’s just so apt that I couldn’t control myself.

Facebook is a platform where people demonstrate their inclination towards a wide range of interests – favorite colors, shows, actresses, destinations and so on. All of this serves as data for you to formulate your marketing strategy to cater to your customers. One of the best ways to track down people who might be interested in your brand is by tapping on the followers of your competitors. For event presenters like yourself, you might want to catch hold of people who are interested in the kind of events or concerts you organize. If you’re hosting a fundraiser for a certain cause, you might want to place your ad in the feeds of those who are actively supporting the cause or have previously attended a similar fundraiser.


Now there’s a subheading that’s not been repeated!

While Facebook adverts are cheap, having a very broad audience is definitely going to be expensive, even for Facebook ads. Try to be more precise with the factors that you use to filter out your target audience. Maybe these filters will not work the first time, so keep experimenting as you track your traffic. After a few tries, you’ll have a clearer idea of who your audience actually comprises of.


Am I overdoing the subheadings? Well, you’re still reading, so probably not.

Your Call-To-Action is the make or break point of your advertisement, so make sure you frame it wisely. If you want your ad to be noticed amongst a stream of Harry Potter posts and cute puppy videos, you have to make sure it’s tempting enough to be clicked on. Try publicizing a specific offer, like an end of season sale or a giveaway, because they usually catch attention.


Your Facebook ads are going to be little square boxes with minimum number of words (20%, to be precise). So, if you want them to stand out, you’ve to make sure the imagery you use is catchy. Be bold with the colors and use pictures of people, because this provides a certain level of human intimacy. Also remember that you don’t have to be gaudy to be catchy.


Before investing a huge amount in Facebook ads, allot a small test budget for a particular target audience and run your advert for around a week, use Ad Manager to track its performance and keep changing your strategy accordingly. Under Audience and Placement, you’ll get an insight into the age groups who clicked on your ads the most number of times, and also whether the clicks were on a mobile device or a desktop.

In Conclusion, Facebook provides a highly targeted platform for advertising. You practically get to customize all aspects of your ad campaign – how long will your ad run, how many people can view it, how much can you pay for it – and analyzing the results is even simpler. If you’re smart with the budget you invest, you can exploit all benefits that Facebook adverts have to offer.

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