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COVID Event Management: 5 Point Strategy For Event Uncertainty

COVID Event Management: 5 Point Strategy For Event Uncertainty

The uncertainty of the pandemic lingers on, however, with strict rules and regulations being followed by the entertainment industry, events and live gatherings seem to have caught on steadily. The new normal comes with a new set of rules for the event community no doubt but it also comes with practices that need to be taken heed of in case of COVID-related uncertainties. 

An update for our users: Creating an additional layer of event safety is now easily achievable by configuring automated holds, hold codes and the number of blocked seats for each event performance from your Event Setup Wizard interface. This is possible for all your Reserved Seating events so that you can follow the desired event seating protocols. Read on to find out how you can utilize this

Here’s A 5 Point Plan For Organizing Events During The COVID Uncertainty

1. Keep A Pulse On The News 

This should be your norm even without being said out loud. Keep track of the local news,  event industry trends, and also the state’s official website for regular updates. Assign a dedicated person to understand the information, and to keep your event management team updated with any sort of emergency notifications. Awareness is the key to avoiding last-minute cancellations. Make sure relevant information is included in all staff briefings.

2. Match Design With Density  

Unsure about the type of events to be organized and choosing the appropriate venue? Here are 6 Types Of Live Events That Are Social Distancing Friendly. Apart from knowing events that are safe to be organized you also need to match the venue design with your audience density.

Make sure that your logistics team designs event spaces to reduce crowded spaces and create enough space to move around with dedicated sanitization portals. A quick glance through our YapSurvey will fetch insights for matching your audience preferences.

Those looking to create a Reserved Seating event or better yet an Invite-Only event, can now rest easy while organizing it. Our event organizers and hospitality venues can now create an additional layer of event safety and follow the required seating safety protocols with the help of our Social Distancing Holds.

With our Social Distancing Holds launch, you can sell seats and automatically hold nearby or adjacent seats around that seat/seats so that your event attendees are provided a comfortable social distance between parties.

3. Monitor Contact Sensitive Spaces 

In the manner in which COVID-19  spreads, event organizers, and their on-ground staff need to become hyper-aware of all the possible scenarios of close contact that can be possible in enclosed spaces. Increase your frequency of personal hygiene and effective hand-washing among staff and attendees. This could be via social media, staff awareness, and communicating this message to attendees on arrival. Having a clear escalation plan on dealing with such situations needs to be laid out well in advance.

Sycuan Casino is one of the seasoned industry leaders that handled their hygiene and sanitation like no other. They partnered with San-Diego based company TruClean to apply a self-cleaning anti-microbial coating at every possible contact surface.

This included every gaming machine on their floor, kiosks, elevators, help desks, entry & exit points, and even their shuttle busses. They even created their COVID Update Page to keep their patrons to date with the new safety rules & regulations that were expected for their phase-wise re-opening. 

4. Examine Your Budget

The past few months in the first half of 2020 must’ve been a tough few months for the event community considering the lack of business. Going forward, many organizers need to examine their budgets before resuming and improving their event business.

The past few months in the first half of 2020 must’ve been tough for the event community, considering the lack of business. Going forward, many organizers need to examine their budgets before resuming and improving their event business

To uplift your cash flow and revenue stream optimization here are a few handy resources to get you back on track: 

5. Clear Plan Of Action 

No matter how many precautions you end up taking, the pandemic situation keeps developing further. That makes it even more crucial to develop a clear action plan for dealing with unexpected scenarios at your event venue. Have a clear plan for dealing with suspected or confirmed cases at the event, such as a self-isolation space, contacting the authorities, venue cleaning, and waste disposal.

We hope our 5 point plan takes away some of your COVID uncertainty and helps you plan events better. To sum it up, remember to examine your budget first, keep track of the latest news, monitor event requirements with venue density, and have a clear plan of action. 

For more tips and guides, check out our COVID-19 Resources for Event Presenters.

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