COVID-19 Event Postponement & Management Tips

COVID-19 Event Postponement & Management Tips

The thing we love the most, getting people together for an unforgettable experience is unfortunately not advised with the current pandemic in effect across the world. The global event industry is facing a series of unfortunate events, but it won’t stop event organizers from dealing with this last-minute crisis like they always do. Being in the event ticketing industry for decades, we’ve witnessed our event presenters brave it out in unfavorable situations and this is no different. We hope everyone is taking precautionary measures given by the WHO to deal with COVID-19. Click here to learn more about them.

We’re sure that you had to make some hard decisions with the worst-case scenario being event cancellations. However, instead of straight-up canceling your events, you could postpone them for a future date and follow these tips to keep all your guests, sponsors, and production team updated. 

1. Plan Your Communication

Before making your announcements public, it’s crucial to have your event marketer study the health regulations laid down by your country and local regulatory bodies. Once you have all that in place, you can go ahead and frame a step-by-step communications plan for your vendors, sponsors, venue owners, and guests.

2. Inform Your Venue Owners

Inform your venue owners if you’re postponing or canceling your event and get a refund amount for your booking. Chances are that they might bump you up the list for your next event once all of this blows over safely.

3. Postpone Your Event

It might be with a heavy heart that you might have to postpone your event to ensure the safety of your community. But trust us when we say that, postponing your event is in everyone’s best interest given the conditions. Event presenters using our platform can do so without losing out on their event investments. Learn more about postponing your events, refunding tickets, and precautionary measures to be taken. 

4. Send Updates To Your Guests and Speakers 

Once you’ve decided to postpone or cancel your event, communicate effectively with your guests, speakers, artist booking agencies, and vendors about your event. Apart from posting on your social media and website, send them a personal message through an email using our Mailchimp integration. Remember that our platform is still fully functional.

5. Setup Ground Rules For Your Next Event

Take this time out to regroup safely with your family and friends. Follow those precautionary measures and reflect on how you can improve your future events. It’s absolutely imperative that we collectively plan better for the event community by adhering to strict standards of hygiene. Set up ground rules that you would follow with your team members and audience for an unforgettable event experience.

Remember that we as a community are in this together and will bounce back stronger than ever before. In the meantime, we wish you and yours, all the good health and strength to come out stronger. 

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Availability of Our Platform & 24/7 Support

Yapsody is a global company, with employees in every department working in various locations.  Our engineering and support teams continue to be available to support our presenters and their customers around the clock through this challenging period. For our external technical service providers, such as cloud infrastructure vendors, we partner with only the most sophisticated, enterprise-grade, global organizations, who themselves have also been ahead of the curve in best practices during this outbreak.

If you have any questions or concerns while following any of the above suggestions, please contact us at Our support agents will be happy to assist you.

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