How to Clutter free your Inbox

How to Clutter free your Inbox

Managing email inbox eats up a lot of time and it becomes more frustrating if we see the inbox loaded with volumes of emails. Fret not; we have got some email management tips that will save your time as well as keep the inbox under control.

Attend mails during a particular timeline

As event planners, your inbox keeps popping up with emails every time. It is not necessary to look into every email whenever they ping. This will consume a lot of your time and interrupt in your work. It’s better to set a particular timing within which you can attend to all the emails.

Go for NOW than LATER

These emails never leave your company. They keep coming back and jamming up your inbox. Either you hit the ‘Delete All’ button and clean up the inbox, or you deal with the mail then and there. If you have opened up an email, do what it asks from you. Whether it requires a reply or a forward, just get it done. Archive if you need it in future. Don’t keep it for LATER, always go for NOW. And if the mail won’t serve any purpose, then delete it. This saves you from dealing with that mail again.

KISS always works

Yes, KISS always works. KISS – Keep it short and simple. Nobody wants to read a long and difficult to understand messages with lots of jargon. Keeping the mail short and simple will attract more esteemed clients, because like you, they don’t have time to read a long message. Set an email template if you have to send out the same structure of mail to several addresses. This will simplify your task.

Making best use of Subject Line

Your subject line is as important as the body of the mail. Your email campaign will be successful if the subject is powerful enough. Asking for action in the subject makes sure that the recipient is attentive to the mail and can even expect a quick reply. At times, using ‘eom’, meaning ‘end of my email campaign message’ at the end of subject line saves yours as well as the recipient time as the message is delivered on the subject itself.

Don’t hesitate in unsubscribing

How many of the newsletters have you subscribed are adding any value to you, be it professionally or personally? In fact, most of our inbox is stacked up with unwanted newsletters. And if you have decided to trash away all those useless newsletters, then go ahead and click the unsubscribe link.

Why not use Calendar

On receiving a message about an event, meeting, or any other assignments, mark them on the calendars provided. Almost all email sites such as Gmail, Yahoo mail or Outlook have calendars app with reminders. After scheduling your important meetings, appointments, and tasks on this app, you can send off the mail to the trash can.

With all the email tips listed above, it’s easy to be in control of your inbox.

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