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Christmas Eve Ideas For Church Event Organizers

Christmas Eve Ideas

Trying to plan your Christmas Eve events without being monotonous? As an event organizer, how do you stay unique every year while staying true to the tradition? Normally, just the thought of winter can help any event organizer conjure up Christmas party ideas. Throw in a bit of our holiday season offers like confetti and your events are good to go. However, Christmas Eve is synonymous with Silent Night for many.  This is why we have a few quiet and low-key Christmas Eve ideas for your Church that you can plan your events around. 

1. Christmas Carol Competition

Through Christmas carols, you can continue the singing of age-old carols that share the gospel message. It’s one of the most distinctive yet simple ideas that stay evergreen and not the one to be missed out no matter what your event is. One way to make it more engaging is having a friendly carol competition to have more participants show up along with family and friends to show their support. 

2. Throw In a Bit Of Charity

Community-based events are all about sharing and caring. Incorporate these elements in your service by hosting fundraisers for the nearby old-age home or collecting donations through dinner service. You can never go wrong with some hot cocoa and cookies to accompany the winters. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser or charity event, you can use our flat 50% rebate offer along with our accept donations feature for our online ticket store and virtual box office.

3. Christmas Eve Candlelit Dinner

This could be part of your charity event plan where you set up an event for a Candlelit Dinner after the church service is over. A perfect way to bring the community together to celebrate with food in the peaceful candlelit atmosphere.  Events like these could be set up using our Reserved Seating plan in case you want to hold seats for your sponsors and community heads.  

4. Holiday Food Baskets

You can tie up with your local bakery or dessert shop to pitch in with Holiday Food baskets and goodies that could be handed out to those in need. After all, it is the season to be jolly and share the joy with everyone. A little effort and contribution from everyone go a long way. 

5. Install A Photobooth

Some might profess that a quiet Church event can sometimes get boring and lengthy. Up the ante by installing a photo booth because who doesn’t like taking a family photo in their best attire. A sure shot way to keep the participation level high and end the service with fun and memorable moments.

We hope these church Christmas event ideas help you plan in advance. For more-event related ideas and insights on the event industry, you can subscribe to our blog.

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