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Checklist For Timing Your Event Promotion Correctly

Checklist For Timing Your Event Promotion Correctly

Timing your event promotions has always been tricky for event marketers due to the dynamic yet unpredictable nature of events. 

You’ve made all the important calls, figured out the event logistics, and are super confident that your performers and audiences will show up. Once all your event management tasks are handled, it’s natural to start wondering – will at least 2000 event attendees show up at the venue you’ve booked? It all boils down to how well you promote it and the brand loyalty you bring with you. 

No matter what, we have our own event promotion checklist for helping event presenters and hospitality organizations get the word out for their events and shows. 

Here’s Our Checklist For Timing Your Event Promotion Correctly: 

1. Start Right Away

Once you’ve started creating your events, start right away by spreading the word. No matter which digital marketing route you may prefer, put out the event teaser or digital flyer on your social media, emailers, and blogs. 

It’s the best practice to start months ahead depending on the type and size of your event. If your event involves foreigners and tourists making a round trip, start promoting your events a year in advance so that they may plan accordingly. You never know where your attendees may be driving in from to attend your event

2. Get Your Online Event Visibility Right

While you’re in the process of setting up and creating your events, make sure to utilize our inbuilt event ticketing functionality – SEO for events.

Before going live with your events, you can work around the event SEO content in such a way that your Online Ticket Store and event pages rank higher in the SERPS. This way, you enhance the organic reach and start gaining visibility while promoting your events from the word GO.

The quicker you can get event visibility, the longer you have people talking about your event and a larger window to purchase event tickets. This will also help you get attendees to share it on social media to induce interest amongst their networks. Get more insights on Instagram Best Practises For Event Marketing Success. 

3. Phase-Wise Flexi Pricing

Tickets Went on Sale too Soon – Said No One Ever! 

On promoting your event well in advance, you’ll be able to gauge your target audience’s response quicker and enable you to accommodate changes on the fly. Using our Flexible Ticket pricing to your advantage, you can create a varied ticket pricing strategy.

Always wise to divide your event promotion into multiple phases:

4. Mail Your Pre-Buzz Discounts & Packages 

Your event promotion should handle itself on its own. How is that possible?

Using our Mailchimp Integration to announce a pre-ticket launch and early bird pricing for past attendees and brand advocates who will spread the word faster among their networks. 

Using Discounts & Packages is a sure-shot way of breaking through the clutter and reaching the dedicated audience faster for event conversions.

5. Create On-Demand Surcharges

On the last leg of your event promotion, it’s time to get the stakes up. Your event marketing and social media marketing campaigns have paid off well but you still have a few spare tickets to let go of. 

Create On-Demand Surcharges on your event tickets to host “Last 100 Tickets” remaining or Last 50 Tickets get A Giveaway At The Event” to build a last-minute buzz of selling out.

Pro-Tip: Once your event is wrapped up, send a thank you email with an invite to your upcoming event. Maybe an early “Early Bird” discount to help them expedite their ticket purchasing decision.  We hope this checklist helps you get your promotional strategies to the mark.

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