Celebrate Halloween 2015 with Yapsody

Celebrate Halloween 2015 with Yapsody

After Christmas, Halloween is the most expensive holiday for Americans. From candies to costumes, Halloween sure as hell manages to scare you when you calculate your expenses and check your bank balance. In such situations, nobody is going to go for events with ticket prices that can burn a hole all the way through their pants, which is why Yapsody should be your ticketing choice as a presenter.

New Year, Halloween, Christmas, or even Doomsday for that matter, Yapsody’s General Admission events are always going to be FREE. And if you choose Reserved Seating, you won’t have to pay anything more than the regular fees because it’s a holiday. And, for too many cherries on the top, Yapsody lets you enjoy these features for free, too –

  1. Social Media Promotion

Our social media widgets make integrating your Yapsody Online Ticket Store with Facebook, Twitter, and your blog a lot easier. You can also publish your events from Yapsody directly on your Facebook page or Twitter. This way, you can effectively keep your attendees informed about your events.

  1. Email Promotions

Yapsody gives you the MailChimp integrating tool that allows you to import your list of customers and their contacts into your MailChimp mailing list.

  1. Instant Access To Ticket Sale Proceeds

We have PayPal, Stripe, Meritus or Authorize.Net payment processing to enable you to receive ticket sale proceeds directly into your account immediately. You won’t have to wait for your event to get over.

Premium features like Reserved Seating ensure a quality ticketing experience and a system that’s tailor-made to suit your ticketing needs. Though these are the only paid features on Yapsody, we assure you that shedding those few shillings will definitely be worth it. Stop letting unnecessary surcharges scare you when you can register your event at Yapsody now for FREE. We’re the only ones to provide a online event ticketing system that’s easy-to-use and professional at the same time. Best-Of-Both-Worlds candy, anyone?

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