Best Way to Win your Event Attendees Online

Best Way to Win your Event Attendees Online

As an event planner, the job does not end with the event ticketing process. What about those who have booked the ticket to attend your event?

Customer is always the King; your attendees are King for your event. Make them feel special, wanted, and value them as they made adjustment with their tight schedule to attend your event. So, they definitely deserve a royal treatment. And moreover, the success of your event is directly proportional to their satisfaction level.

Well, how do you let your event attendees know you are out there for them? Let’s begin with some uncomplicated steps.

Sweep into Technology World

Today, world runs on technology where everything happens at just one click. So, why not bring in event-based technology for your event? Have a seamless event technology in place, with which the attendees can do a lot many things. Implementing technologies such as event ticketing platform event apps, right barcodes on name badges, and using Near-Field Communication (NFC) will aid in gathering detailed information about your attendees, ultimately ensuring a perfect service to them not only before or during the event, but also after the event.

A Grand Welcome

When attendees land at the city, make sure that their arrival experience is something they will never forget. Don’t make them start looking for cabs or some other transport mode. Make sure they reach the hotel or venue hassle-free by providing them pick-up facility. While registering, include a pick-up and drop option on the event app. Not everyone will opt for this, but whosoever really needs it will go for it.

Smooth and Easy Registration

After a grand welcome, the next thing you must ensure that they go through a smooth and easy event registration process. Having an onsite technology and support staffs to welcome, and a quick registration process will give you big thumbs up. Accurate QR codes on name badges make it easy for event planners to provide efficient service. Their belongings such as bags, jackets, and other stuffs can also be taken care of using this barcode system. Plus, each participant can build a network by scanning each other’s barcode badges with their smartphones and exchange electronic business card.

Food Care

Good food can make anyone happy and since they are your attendees, you need to be even more careful. Be attentive to their likes, dislikes, and food they are allergic to. It will be easy to treat them properly if you take note of their food requirements while registering on the app.

One-stop Information Store

Installing an NFC touch wall at the event venue or handing out NFC equipped badges or wristbands help attendees collect all the event related materials. It works as a one-stop information store at just a tap. Also, event participants with NFC-enabled phones can transfer any informative piece with each other. It is secure, trustworthy and convenient to use.

Now that you get ideas on how to take care of your attendees, go give them a memorable experience.

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