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Using Twitter Polls For Your Event Planning

Can You Use Twitter Polls For Your Event? - Yapsody

Can You Use Twitter Polls For Your Event?

Twitter ecosystem and community have definitely witnessed many phases and enhancements that involve enhanced user experiences. After canning the character limit, they have has released a new feature – Twitter Polls – and here’s how you can use it: 

Update: With Twitter doubling its character count from 140 to 280, it opened up a new format for event marketers to express their event content. The introduction of Twitter Polls and Fleets has boosted the engagement factor for many, although Fleets has been disabled due to mixed responses from users. 

As an event organizer and promoter, tweeting out Q&As and polls to engage with potential audiences will help you plan your events better. Of course, signing up with Yapsody gives you access to our Surveys & Questionnaires feature that will help you evolve your operational potential.

So, does this new feature excite you? If yes, let us answer how you can use a few Twitter polls for your event planning

1. Where Do I Host The Event?

This can be a very tricky decision, especially when the wrong venue could mean that people can’t (or won’t) attend your event at all. If you’re stuck between two extremely close choices and are unable to weigh the pros and cons, why not let your audience decide? 

Since the success of your event depends widely on their experience, allow them to be a part of your event planning process through Twitter polls. With many weighing in their options for socially distanced events, it will help you narrow down on an indoor venue or an outdoor venue.

2. When Do I Host The Event?

Just like booking your event venue, choosing the right date is a task. You may accidentally choose a date that’s a holiday you don’t celebrate or one that clashes with another event that your potential attendees are going to attend. 

So, if you have two dates in mind, put them up for a poll and let the crowds decide what would be a convenient day to attend your event.

Pro-Tip: As part of Best Practises That Improve your Twitter Engagement, don’t forget to use topical hashtags if you’re timing it during #Halloween, #Christmas, #Oktoberfest, and so on.

3. What Do You Expect At The Event? 

When attendees and guests feel ownership over their event experience, they’re most likely to get engaged from point A. If you let them choose between the two event themes or sponsored products, your ticket sales are most likely to boost up. And, of course, they’ll enjoy it more when the event agenda will be based on their interests.

4. What Should the Event Theme Be?

Any theme – ranging from a fancy dress party to a charity ball – adds sparkle to your event and makes it more appealing. Even though you have a wide range of themes to choose from, once you’re left with two opposite themes or two extremely similar ones, it’s going to be difficult to choose one. 

What better way to find out than ask them? However, you may even skip this Twitter poll after going through these 21 Event Themes That Will Inspire Your Creativity.

5. Can I Use It to Figure Out the Market?

Of course, you can. You can ask if people would pay a certain amount to attend an event based on a certain topic/theme, or for an existing event, you could ask if they’d want to buy a VIP event ticket or a new ticket type. You can only have this as one data point in your research, but it’ll definitely provide a fine insight.

6. Woohoo! A Competition!

Instead of trying to figure out two choices to put up for Twitter polls, you could begin with 6 bands or musicians and then invite their fans to vote for the ones that should perform at your event. 

The winner of each poll will then be put up against another winner, and this will continue until there is a final showdown between the finalists.

7. Generate Content Ideas

If you’re running out of ideas that can be used to create effective event blog posts or as discussion points on the day of your event, you could have a question up, like – Is Twitter an extremely effective tool for event organizers? And you could use the response as a base for topics of discussion or for creating blog posts

8. Get Feedback Before Your Instant Noodles

Yes, it’s going to be that quick. You could use Twitter polls before, during, and after the event to ask your audience whether they enjoyed it, what they liked/disliked, what could be improved, what they recommend, and so on. Get to know your audience better so that they can help improve your event offerings.

9. Or, Just Have Some Fun!

It’s a new feature, and everybody is having some fun with it. Even you could do that by asking random questions to your followers such as is Messi better than Ronaldo? or would they choose peanut butter over cheese, and so on. This will help you to build a rapport with your potential attendees and get you closer to them by tickling their funny bones.

Twitter polls can amplify your event marketer’s job by asking all the right questions thereby improving your event planner’s life. Not only will you collect quick insights in but you will also improve your Twitter engagement.

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