How can you improve your ticket sales in [current_year]?

How can you improve your ticket sales in [current_year]?

Before we actually proceed to the actual article, let’s get some basics cleared out, shall we? Why are you into event management? What is event management all about? The whole point of event management is to ensure that your events sell. If you are planning to have an event anytime soon, then you need to sell as many tickets as possible for that event. In the age of commercialization, an event is judged based on the number of people attending it. Also, if you are putting in solid effort to organise the event, it deserves the very best and nothing short of that.

Did the event ticket sales of your last event fall drastically? Don’t be disappointed just yet. There are several things you could do. Some of them are:

  • Partnering up – If you look at the marketing campaigns of certain event management companies carefully, you’ll notice how they partner up with some big brands to promote their event. With some prominent brands backing your event, it garners more support and is likely to increase your ticket sales. Also, having partners would help you reach out to more customers and would increase your exposure.
  • Discounts – You must be having tools that help you track your ticket sales. If you think you are slowing down or lagging behind, offer discounts. By offering discount, you can attract more customers who were probably backing out after having looked at the price. At any rate, people love deals and offers. This is sure to get the party started.
  • Social media – In the twenty first century when the world of social media is at your fingertips, you really shouldn’t have to worry too much. All you need is an efficient social media manager who knows what is to be done. If you aren’t on social media yet, you could be losing out on event goers. Embrace what this generation has to offer you. There are numerous platforms today, starting from Facebook to Instagram. Catchy headlines and vibrant images are sure to get their attention.
  • Track links – It isn’t helpful if you spend millions of dollars on a marketing campaign that doesn’t seem to work. But how would you know? Tracking links, that’s how. These tracking links can help you analyse the marketing campaigns and policies that you have running and would tell you which ones are effective.
  • Offline ticket sales – Who said it’s old fashioned? By just targeting people who would buy tickets online, you miss out on a large chunk of your audience. Sell tickets door to door or have onsite arrangements for tickets and sell
    event tickets online.
  • Target interested buyers – Let’s say someone visited the event page you have on Facebook but didn’t purchase a ticket. So what? Do you let it go? Use the tools at your disposal to retarget these users.

These are just six ways of attracting event attendees. Look carefully, there are thousands of people just waiting to attend your event. You just have to set the right bait.

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