Building & Retaining Your Online Event Community During COVID-Era

Building & Retaining Your Online Event Community During COVID-Era

Much has been said and done about taking the virtual route for hosting live events. However, your brand presence goes far beyond just hosting weekly online events. We shared insights on Creating Value Through Your Online Events in The COVID-Era and as an extension of that thought piece, we’re here with ideas that will help you build and retain your online event community. 

Tips To Build and Retain Your Online Event Community DuringThe COVID Era

1. Keep A Pulse On The Social Media Landscape 

With online engagement rates going through the roof during the COVID era, it’s absolutely imperative that you keep an eye out for trending topics, industry updates, and conversations that your audience indulges in. Once you get into their train of thoughts, it becomes easier to connect with them. 

2. Participate Actively Through Event Forums 

To further your community building and retention activities, go for a targeted approach of participating in event forums. Being active in forums that are frequented by your target audience helps you solidify your presence as a brand that cares about what event attendees want. Retain your existing audience by sharing thought pieces and build new leads by showcasing what they can expect from your upcoming events in the post-COVID era.  

3. Ramp Up Your Lines Of Communication

When you’re actively trying to build your brand presence through community-building activities, the curiosity induced amongst your potential audiences will have them flocking to your online help desk for more information. This the time when you should keep your eyes and ears open across all your social media platforms. Learn more about Ramping Up Your Marketing Efforts in the COVID Era.  

4. Ask Relevant Questions

Not only is your online community of looking for the safest venue to attend future events, but they’re also wanting to share their personal thoughts and ideas as to what they would expect from you as an event organizer. Make full use of this opportunity to use our Questionnaires & Surveys feature to gather useful insights that will help you plan better for the post COVID era of events. 

We hope our community building and retention tips help you during this critical phase. For those looking to manage their cash flow and event investments better, check out our COVID RECOVERY Offer and SIGN UP to make full use of it. We also have a wide suite of marketing services that can help you build your online community with tailor-made solutions.


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