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Building Event Momentum Like A Pro Through Email Marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing can take a toll on your event marketer’s creativity at times for building that initial hype around every upcoming event. With the event industry brimming with competition, it comes as no surprise when event organizers want to maximize through event marketing tools and services

Event presenters have been using our MailChimp integration to build event momentum and boost their ticket sales. From the time you push out your big event invite to sealing the deal with an exclusive discount, here’s how you can stay consistent in building event momentum through email marketing.

1. The Big Announcement

Don’t confuse the big announcement with a big reveal. You need to reveal only so much to whet their appetite. Imagine a good movie teaser that makes you long for more. Your announcement should stir up their imagination only to be experienced fully on your event day. Time this mail two months in advance to help your potential attendees plan better.

2. What’s Going To Happen

A continuation of your announcement mail should extend itself with more details such as dates, ticket price, venue, location, headliners, keynote speakers, and so on to solidify their ticket-buying decision. Keep this email short and succinct with CTA’s placed for registration and RSVP smartly. 

3. For The Early Birds

Now that your audience knows about your event, it’s time to accelerate the momentum by pushing a discount. Our event ticketing platform makes it easier to create different types of discounts and tickets to match various phases of your event marketing campaign. These emailers are handy for any type of event where they weren’t entirely convinced of buying your ticket. Early birds are a way to quickly sell out tickets and create that sense of urgency among others

4. The Invite Your Friends Email

The initial phases of your email marketing worked in full effect and so did you discount emails. It’s time to keep that momentum going by creating a FOMO. Events are best experienced with family and friends. Give them a group discount and see your last batch of seats sell out like hotcakes. Invitations and referrals work really well because it’s vetted from someone they know and trust. You’re also turning ticket buyers into event marketers by further spreading the word and boosting your event momentum. 

5. The Know Before You Go Email

With decades of experience in helping event managers create successful events all over, it’s our tried and tested advice to keep everything crystal clear before your actual event happens. Your event attendees could use every last bit of detail that makes their event experience smoother. Expecting a bit of drizzle on your event day? Shoot out this mail at least one week prior to your event that’ll help your guests and attendees plan better. 

All good things come to end but that shouldn’t be the case with your events. Learn more about Best Practise For A Post-Event Follow Up to keep your guests engaged and excited about your next one.

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