Bringing People Together In The Midst of Social Distancing

Bringing People Together In The Midst of Social Distancing

With social distancing taking center stage across the globe, people have tuned into the online landscape to have their fill of daily entertainment needs. Be it arts, music, movies, podcasts, all of these forms of content have moved on to the medium of social media and live streaming events. The motto is social distancing but not social isolation. 

Update for our event organizers: With the rollout of our Social Distancing Holds, you can enable automated holds in your offline event seating sections, where they can block or hold the desired number of seats for appropriate social distancing. Upon booking, the nearby or adjacent seats will be automatically blocked. 

​​Creating an additional layer of event safety is now achievable by configuring your holds, hold codes, and the number of blocked seats for each event performance from your Event Setup Wizard. Once you have that sorted out, you can read further in case you wish to bring people together online as well.

1. Understand Your Audience

Before doing anything else, try to understand if your audience would attend an online event. Are they the young, and tech-savvy crowd who can instantly log in to watch your live streams or are they struggling to join your online conference? Once you have a clear understanding of your event audience, you can go ahead and choose the right platform. 

2. Pick Your Platform

This is the crucial factor that will define the success of your online event campaign in bringing people together. A musical gig would be suited for everyone on Facebook or Instagram live whereas your webinar will be better suited for a registration-only web event online. 

3. Shift Your Event Online

As soon as you log in on Yapsody, you have the opportunity to Change Your Upcoming Event To An Online Event. All you need to do is Change your event description with the appropriate details, online registration, and LIVE stream links for your attendees. Make sure to change your event location to a Web Event that will reflect on your Online Ticket Store.

4. Create A LIVE Stream Series

Once you’ve successfully changed your event status and updated your LIVE stream links and details, you can make it a practice to create a live stream series of sorts to keep the momentum going. This couldn’t be a better time for you to master the virtual route of hosting events. 

We hope you’ve started migrating your events to an online platform by keeping your national and local health regulations in mind. In the meantime, we hope you staying safe while practicing social distancing and being creative in planning your online events. 

Learn more about through our COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources for Event Presenters.

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