Branding Elements That Every Event Organizer Needs

Branding Elements That Every Event Organizer Needs

Event branding is not just your event production value. It’s a culmination of major elements such as the online ticketing portal, your brand collaterals, relevant sponsors, speakers, e-tickets, social media, and lastly the type of audience that you pull in. Keeping that in mind each event category comes with its own set of branding elements and requirements.

While each event will bring with it its own persona, with our event brand-building features, you can never miss out on those crucial branding elements no matter which category of event you plan. 

Here Are Those Branding Elements Every Event Organizer Needs: 

1. Event Ticketing Portal

Your Online Ticket Store is the first element of branding that your event audience will notice. Make sure all your basic elements such as website, background image, event images, social media links, and videos are mandatorily placed.

Online Ticket Store Samples

Your fully customizable Yapsody ticketing portal makes the booking process seamless yet immersive through your enterprise’s brand elements.

2. Event Design & Content  

Event content is your first line of branding and creating a buzz. Create personalized event content and design for your ticketing store, along with variations of the same messaging on your social media platforms and flyers.

Maintain a branded highlight reel of your past events through images and YouTube videos which can be added to your ticketing page on Yapsody. This could be a co-branded video showcasing your sponsors or event affiliations such as your keynote speakers, artist lineup, food and dining partners, and so on.  This entices the ticket buyer further to be part of your amazing events just by virtue of your event design and content.

3. Branded E-Tickets 

Your E-tickets are a one-way ticket to event attendees showing off on social media. User-generated content is a (Link something from marketing blog) great way to give your event attendees a way to be your brand advocate. A well-designed and branded e-ticket can put you a few notches above your competitors. With our Ticket Customization, you can choose from multiple templates that match your branding style and audience perspectives. You can even customize your ticket template based on your requirements. 

4. Event Merchandise 

Your event merchandise is a good way to create a brand recall through collectibles, clothing gear, pens, bands, t-shirts, cups, flash drives, and so on based on your event category. Branded souvenirs with your logo and motto are a good way of reinforcing your brand for a longer duration even after your events are done and dusted. 

5. Email Branding 

Emailers or branded newsletters are a great medium for showcasing your branded elements for upcoming events while creating the perfect cycle of engagement. Here is how you can stay ahead of your competitors with our Email Marketing Trends For 2021.

Stay connected with your attendees by promoting upcoming events, sending event invites and reminders, newsletters, and real-time updates in a way that reflects your brand persona the best

We hope these branding elements will help you create the necessary recall amongst your target audiences. Creating audience personas is also a strategic way of targeting a segmented group of audiences that will respond to a particular style of branding and communication. For more event marketing and branding-related information, head to our event ticketing blog

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