Biggest Challenges in the Event Industry in 2019

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Event management is an ever-changing industry with challenges acting as a potential milestone. Event organizers work diligently to put an event together. However, there are obstacles that impact the entire event industry today making organizing an event a difficult task. We present you solutions to 7 biggest challenges faced in the events industry.

1. Strenuous Budgets: One of the most common challenges of the event industry is budgets. With the rise in inflation, an allocated budget is almost never good enough to plan an event.

Solution:  A well-planned budget! To understand how to create a budget without looking stingy and save a few bucks, read our article that’ll give you 3 tips to get your event budget planning right.

2. Keeping Up with Technology and Latest Trends: With the change in era, there’s new technology introduced every year, especially in the events industry. Event management technologies have evolved significantly in the last 10 years. Studies reveal that using event technology can increase attendance by 20%, increase productivity by 27%, and decrease costs by as much as 30%.

Solution: Stay updated. Network with members of the event industry and get talking about technologies they’re using. The internet is your ocean of resources. Read up blogs, articles, & reviews and listen to podcasts. We understand it can be tedious to organize an event with tasks like promoting, event ticketing and tracking sales. A single tool to take care of all your tasks makes it easy to plan the event better. How will you pick the best online ticketing tool?  Here’s a guide for what to look in an online ticketing system.

3. Increasing Event Attendees-  Reaching out and attracting new attendees is a huge challenge in the events industry today. The success of your event is directly proportional to the satisfaction level of your attendees, so it becomes extremely important to make your attendees feel valued and appreciated.

Solution: To increase event attendees to your event, refine your skills in event marketing, social media marketing and event promotion with our all-you-need-to-know guides.

4. Finding New Sponsors: There is a lot of value locked into sponsorships in the event industry. It can be taxing to find a company that’s willing to sponsor your event in today’s challenging economic situation.

Solution: Understand your sponsor’s objectives and who they are targeting. To overcome these obstacles, create an action plan with expected ROI and showcasing the impact on their brand. Create an offer that will show what’s in it for them. Maintain your relationship with your sponsors as it works as a way to retain them and focus on new ones.

5. GDPR:  General Data Protection Regulation – Government laws improvise from time to time.  As a presenter, it is vital to stay updated with the new laws and regulations introduced in the events industry. For example, an EU data privacy law was introduced on May 25, 2018, to standardize data handling practice across the globe. Non-compliance of the policy would result in heavy fines.

Solution:  In order to comply with GDPR, you need to:

  • Change the method of data collection
  • Change your marketing strategies
  • Implement a robust compliance system

Safeguarding personal data of the attendees gives them the confidence to associate with your brand. Yapsody is GDPR compliant and keeps attendee information secure. we believe in making your event planning and management process a seamless affair so you can focus on making your event successful and not worry about data security. Read Yapsody’s GDPR policy here.

6. Security: Security concerns top the list in the event industry, especially since the recent acts of violence there have been at venues around the world. Protecting your event attendees becomes a crucial part of the event planning process. However, it can be challenging to strike a balance between fully securing the event attendees, while avoiding unnecessary restrictions on attendee movement, causing them to feel uncomfortable.

Solution: Create a robust plan with a list of measures like:

  • Appropriate surveillance system that includes drones, surveillance cameras, tracker and motion sensors.
  • Physical security to safeguard the venue
  • Medical support with registered paramedics to deal with an emergency situation.
  • K-9 unit for drug and explosives detection

Implementing these measures will secure event attendees, enable them to enjoy your event without any second thoughts, giving them a reason to come back to your next event.

It’s 2019. With access to the best technologies that have ever existed, tackling the event industry’s challenges becomes a piece of cake. With Yapsody’s online ticketing system can help you exceed attendee expectations and give them a delightful experience. What are you waiting for? Create your event today and start selling tickets now.

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Event Industry, Event Management, Events

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