Beyond Event Ticketing: How Yapsody is Useful For NON EVENTS

Beyond Event Ticketing: How Yapsody is Useful For NON EVENTS

Since the inception of an online ticketing system, the ticketing process is streamlined for everyone in the events industry. While you may think Yapsody only offers its online ticketing services to live music concerts, casinos, and hospitality enterprises, we’d like to tell you that we do a lot more for our event presenters who aren’t necessarily into ‘events’. Here’s a list of additional categories we offer our services to.

Guided Tours
Do you want to offer people a new experience? This holiday season, take them through a Halloween ghostly tour around your town. You don’t need to be an event organizer to sell tickets for tours. As long as you know, you have something great to offer to people coming to your venue, go on and sign up with Yapsody and sell tickets online. You can host a guided tour and offer your guests a unique experience. In Ontario, Canada, the County Carriage Co. organized ‘Belleville’s Haunted Tour and used Yapsody for their ticketing’. The tour takes you back-in-time to each of the haunted locations, with the guides sharing the haunted histories and scary tales.

Garden Tours
Do you own a garden and want more visitors attending it? Yapsody offers tour operators and garden owners to sell tickets online. That way, people all over the world can buy tickets to your garden online and enjoy a peaceful walk amidst nature. Morocco has one of the most beautiful attractions in the world called Anima Garden, in Marrakech. In spite of not being an event, the garden sells tickets to guided tours through Yapsody’s online ticketing system. Find out how Anima Garden uses Yapsody’s ticketing system for their garden tours by reading their case study here.

As a club owner, you probably have parties every Friday. To ensure your attendees have a seamless ticketing experience, sell your club tickets online. It can be a pub crawl or a simply a stress-relieving regular Friday night party. In New York, Unites States, Bomba Party NYC organizes monthly club nights and uses Yapsody’s online ticketing system to sell tickets online. If you’re planning a weekday or Friday night party, sign up with Yapsody and start selling tickets in minutes.

Theme Parks
Be it, kids or adults, we all love theme parks for the various rides, thrill and excitement it has to offer. With Halloween and Christmas arriving soon, most theme parks offer different activities for all its visitors. If you’ve got one and would like to sell tickets online, sign up with Yapsody.Promote your theme park and let the tourists add it in their things-to-do list when they visit your town. In the United Kingdom, Diggerland UK is a popular theme park for kids and adults. Yapsody offers them the best features at an incredible price. They sell tickets online through the online ticket store and offer unique experiences to their park attendees. Find out how Diggerland UK dedicated its discount ticket sales with Yapsody and offered a unique experience to the park attendees.

Take a look at the video below to understand how Yapsody can help you sell tickets to literally any and every kind of ‘event’ there is:

Be it a display of remarkable artifacts or an antique collection of letters, guns and swords from the war, museums can take you back in time and enlighten you with information you never knew of. Currently, the Stratford Perth Museum in Ontario, Canada is selling tickets online through Yapsody. Similarly, the Wiltshire Museum in the United Kingdom uses our ticketing system to host a fun quiz and a fun day for kids. British Schools Museum is another example of a museum that uses our ticketing system to effectively sell tickets online. If you’d like to organize tours to your museum, sign up with Yapsody and wow them with what your museum has to offer.

Do you organize activities that offer thrill and excitement? Whether it’s a camping activity or a cycling trip to explore the city, sell tickets for all your adventurous activities with Yapsody. Give the adventure lovers an opportunity to buy tickets online through your online ticket store. Give your attendees a preview of what they’ll miss by adding images of the activity if it was organized before

Monumental Visits
Monumental visits are always a part of the itinerary when we plan to visit a place with a rich historical background. If you’re a tour operator and want to ease the process of selling tickets for your tours, sign up with Yapsody. Let the visitors plan their itinerary in advance and you can let them book your tours and take them for a guided tour to all the beautiful monuments across the city.

Food and Drinks
Do you organize a food buffet every once in a week for the food lovers of your town? Why not sell tickets for it online and promote your venue? When you host buffets, themed dinner or tea parties at your hotel, we promote your venue apart from helping you sell tickets online. Also, if people are looking for date ideas at night or things to do this weekend, they’ll find your event online if you’re selling tickets through Yapsody. The Village Hotel Club Dudley in the United Kingdom has organized a gala buffet for its attendees on this New Year’s eve.

Coworking Spaces
As a sales or community manager working at a coworking space, you can offer freelancers, startups or individuals without a working space a week or a day pass through Yapsody. In layman terms, you offer your workspace on rent for a day, a week or a fortnight. Interested individuals or freelancers can buy passes online and use your space for the required time.

Whether you’re a tour operator or a hotel manager, you can easily sell tickets online for guided tours or multi-cuisine buffet dinners through Yapsody. Do you want to save on your ticketing fees? Being a low priced ticketing system, you’re already saving a lot on your fees. Save more with our holiday season offers. Use our promo code HOLIDAY25 and avail of a 25% off on your ticketing fees. That’s not it, you can also pass on your fees and make event ticketing absolutely free. Sign up now and offer your visitors a seamless experience.

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