Effective Ways To Promote Your Event On Twitter

Effective Ways To Promote Your Event On Twitter

If you think tweeting “Got an event comin up. So damn excited 2 c all of u thr! :D” is creating a buzz, let me burst that bubble and tell you that we’re way past inventing the wheel, fire, and definitely social media marketing. The best way (that also happens to be the only one) to create a buzz about your upcoming event is not a cakewalk, definitely. But what good would we be doing if we didn’t make a walk through the rocks look like a cakewalk?


Because promoting a Broadway drama at a rock concert event is so totally working out – not! When you think about your event, think about the kind of people who would want to attend your event. Approach your existing customers because they’re undoubtedly going to be interested in your event if they’ve held on all this time. As far as new ones are concerned, target the domains where your potential audience is likely to reside i.e. put yourself up on relevant websites where interested people are bound to stumble upon your listing.


Agreed, hashtags can be really annoying especially when all the Instagram pictures are tagged with #instalike, #instacute, #instapic, and #instacrap. But that’s what is going to earn you followers. Yes, those hashtags are positively not getting you anywhere except spam, but a short, witty and crispy hashtag will do wonders. Your event hashtag is the one thing that people connected to your event are going to use for networking before, during, and after the event. Make sure it directly relates to your event, is easy to remember, and widely used across all your social media profiles.


Creating a hashtag is like putting your sandwich in the toaster. And if you don’t keep an eye on it, it’s going to burn down to nothingness. You have to keep a track of the progress your hashtag has made, and the concerns of your attendees. You can obviously have an automatic toaster that turns off when your sandwich is crisp enough, that is, use apps like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite to keep a check on your attendees’ conversations and your hashtag. And never forget the three R’s of Twitter – Respond to their tweets, Reciprocate by liking the good ones, Retweet the interesting ones.


If your event is one of the audience, for the audience, and by the audience, then you’re already a big buzz. Nothing pleases them more than being offered the privilege of choosing their own topics for the event instead of being expected to attend an event they don’t even relate to. Organize polls, forums, debates, webinars – ANYTHING – to get them to choose the things they are interested to witness during the event. On top of that, your speakers will already have an idea about the kind of questions and issues that they’ll have to tackle during the event, and this would give them a brilliant head-start.


If events were just meant to gather knowledge, Wikipedia wouldn’t have had an existence at all. A secondary reason (that is as good as the primary one) why people attend event is to share, to connect, to get to know other like-minded people. And if you’re given a chance to come in contact with such people even before actually meeting them at the event, the cherry on the top is so much bigger than the cake itself! Hit some really great social event websites, create communities and help potential attendees to network before the event. This will definitely add a value to your event and isn’t that exactly what a buzz is all about?

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