Best Practices Event Planners Should Learn For The Post COVID-19 Era

Best Practices Event Planners Should Learn For The Post COVID-19 Era

With the pandemic hitting the revenue streams across all the shores of businesses, the hospitality and events industry is one that is majorly caught up in this disruption. However, with recent developments in health care and government regulations, many businesses are starting to re-open facilities by following strict guidelines and rules. As an event planner, it might be slightly confusing whether to go ahead and start planning ahead in this critical period. 

As one of the industry leaders in the hospitality and entertainment industry, we’ve analyzed growing trends that helped us analyze what your event attendees expect in the future. With most regulations easing off across the globe, you can start planning ahead by adopting a few best practices that would define the “new normal”. 

Few Best Practices Event Planners Should Learn For The Post COVID-19 Era:

1. Safety First

It is highly unlikely that you’re organizing events amidst the lockdown unless you took the virtual route to host your events. Now, when you plan your upcoming events, make sure you start off with a smaller audience to maintain adequate social distancing norms. 85 % of survey data states that attendees would only attend an event if social distancing norms are followed with a provision of safety kits on site. 

2. Inform Your Attendees

Communication is key during the COVID era. Whether your event is happening next month or three months later, it’s your responsibility to inform your attendees proactively. Through our event ticketing platform, you can integrate Mailchimp to keep your lines of communication going. Our own COVID Resources for Event Presenters was instrumental for many event presenters on our platform to take timely, well-informed decisions. 

3. Use Survey & Questionnaires

A well-designed survey or questionnaire is key to unlocking your future event planning strategy. Think about what your target audience expects out of the post-pandemic situation and questions which you need answers to that will help you plan better for the upcoming months. 

Learn more about 3 Types of Surveys to Improve Your Event Planning. 

4. Maintain Your Cash Flow

We understand how many event planners and hospitality venues have suffered a huge blow to their revenue streams and investments. Cut down your operational costs and marketing spends to help sustain your business longer. Also, look for optimally priced platforms to assist your automation needs. We launched our existing suite of services as a part of our Assistance & Recovery Program for Native American Casinos to help them on their road to recovery. 

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