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Best Practices for Post-Event Follow-Ups

Best Practices for Post-Event Follow-Ups

A few glasses were broken on the dancefloor, a laugh riot ensued when the jokes were doled out, or perhaps the audience experienced a eureka moment when your keynote speaker delivered that mind-bending quote. Basically, your event was off the hook and your patrons left the venue with a smile on their faces. Should you pop the champagne with your team? Not yet.

Your event wrapped up successfully but the post-event follow-up phase of your event marketing campaign is yet to come full circle. As an event marketer, you’d definitely want to leverage this opportunity to connect with your event attendees and patrons as a thank you gesture. It’s a healthy practice to make them feel connected with your brand. Not only are you getting some crucial feedback out of them but you’re also establishing yourself as someone who really cares.

We’ve noticed that event presenters who followed these post-event practices, managed to create a lasting impression among their audiences. Here’s how you can too:    

1. Share Photos & A Highlight Reel

Don’t make your event attendees feel like you took their money, let them into your event, and that’s the end of the road. 

Not having a professional camera crew on deck isn’t an excuse to NOT capture the moments. Put that expensive phone to use but make sure you share photos and video clips on your social media. Utilize the power of video to create a highlight reel of the night to refresh their memories. A video montage of your past events, if done well, refreshes memories of your attendees and works as a magnet for new audiences. Don’t forget, your video might just be a few DMs away from being the talk of the town. 

2. Use Surveys & Feedback

Understand your attendees better by giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts. Remember that there is no such thing as the perfect event. It’s only a constant motivator to give your best shot with every minute detail. Even then there are chances of a slip-up.

This is when your attendees become your sharpest critic and best friend. A simple post-event survey or feedback form gives you an idea of what they thought about your event. With Yapsody Questionnaire & Surveys, event presenters asked their attendees all the right questions through logic-based questionnaires, so they could design the ideal event experience next time. 

3. Personalize Your Thank You Emails

A simple thank you note with your event photos and highlight reel can make their day. Event presenters on board with Yapsody use our email marketing integration to personalize their emailers for this simple yet effective post-event follow-up practice.  Avoid being a moth to a flame and flooding their inbox with a sales plugin. Subtlety is key. 

Here are Different Types Of Email Templates Every Event Presenter Needs.

4. Follow Up on Social Media Conversations

If your Instagram and Facebook notifications are blowing with mentions and comments on how awesome your event was, you can do a few victory laps in your office. But keep an eagle eye lookout on your social media channels. User-generated content is a great way to turn event attendees into event promoters. A brand that interacts with its follower’s likes and comments will surely win a place in their hearts. Humanize your communication and keep it short and smart. 

5. An After “After Party”

It’s rare to see an instance when the party turned out to be so mindblowing, they had to throw an after “After Party” to celebrate its success. It might be rare but not unheard of. Nothing’s better than a free party as a thank you gesture to celebrate the success of that party, right? Let your audience realize that you do it for them and for the love of bringing people together. 

Yapsody is Free for Free Events which means ZERO Fees for “Free Entry” Events.

Just in case you needed another reason to sign up on our event ticketing platform. We hope these tips help you clean up your post-event follow-up practices. Check out how you can Step Up Your Event Marketing Strategy in 2020 and win audiences. 

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    Let’s start with the guests. Understandably, you won’t be contacting each of them individually. But that’s no excuse. Your best bet is to make a “Thank you for attending” post on the social media channels you’ve used for your event.

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