Valentine’s Day Event Ideas for Event Presenters

Valentine’s Day Event Ideas for Event Presenters

Love is in the air, and so is the buzz of a huge number of Valentine’s events. People are flocking into shops and stores, trying to look for the perfect gift for that special someone, and this is the best time to set up an event where people can bring their Valentines. Holidays carry with them huge opportunities to build a brand and make wild profits, but they also bring along competition. Like you, there are going to be hundreds of event planners who’ll be aiming for exactly the same target audience as yours, and employing the same marketing measures to woo them. If you want to be ahead of this race, you can’t rely only on marketing; you’ll have to rely on smarketing (smart marketing).

Find Yourself a Valentine

I mean, a Valentine for your event – a partner who does not belong to the same industry (and hence is not a competitor). You can offer their products at your event for a discount, while at their store they could offer a discount code for tickets to their customers. Basically, you build a symbiotic relationship with them. Make sure you’re choosing partners that innately draw couples during the Valentine’s season – cafés, theaters, confectioners, gift shops etc.

Offer Seasons Freebies

Go a little beyond greeting cards and give away special notepads or other trinkets that carry the essence of Valentine’s Day in them. You can either send these over to your registrants after they’ve registered, or you could give these away during or after the event.

Host a Competition

Organizing a creative competition based on the Valentine theme will attract your target audience and also the media. Competitions that are quirky, like the longest kiss or the best proposal, will be enthusiastically received by all kinds of couples. You need not have the competition at a physical location; you can always use your event’s Facebook page, Twitter handle, or YouTube channel for the same. Hosting the contest before your event will give it massive promotion and provide a build-up for it. Announcing the results of the competition during the event will also boost up event ticket sales.

Be an Early Bird

Early Bird is a concept that is not only meant to be a ticket category. To make sure you’re creating a buzz about your event, you need to start early with the promotions. Right after New Year, start telling people about your event so that whenever they think about planning how to spend their Valentine’s, they instantly get reminded of your event. Send customized post-cards and newsletters, put up banners and flyers in target locations, and maybe send over special hampers to your past attendees who have attended a lot of your events.

It’s okay to be a little repetitive as long as you’re not annoying your target audience. Always having a high sales pitch might irritate your potential attendees and drive them away, so come up with fun stuff that they’d want more of.

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