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Avoiding Social Media Regrets For Your Events

Avoiding Social Media Regrets For Your Events

Events and social media are the definitive social glue for bringing people together on a common platform or gathering. This is where they can talk, meet, share opinions, and discuss current events. However, hospitality venus and event marketers using social media to maximize their promotion, often end up with certain social media regrets from time to time. 

How many have you dealt with and saved yourself the online shame? For the uninitiated, here’s our handy guide on being a savvy social media event promoter. 

Here’s How To Save Your Events From Social Media Regrets

1. Be Prepared For The Worst

One of the most unsaid commandments of an event manager involves staying alert and being prepared for the worst on all fronts. Whether it’s during the vendor selection, venue finalization, on-ground logistics, or the final social media push for events. Social media being such a double-edged sword, it’s crucial for your event communication to be uniform across all platforms to avoid any real-time confusion among event attendees. Make sure your customizable Online Ticket Store is updated with the minute details before promoting it in full steam.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark our Event Marketing Guide To Manage Social Media Accounts that will help you avoid social media regrets on each platform with our strategic tips and techniques.

2. Standby With A Communications Plan

Like with all events and shows, things can go haywire at the very last minute and cause everyone in your team to panic. However, with a logical event agenda or a communications plan in place, you avert every possible disaster on social media.

Be it an irate ticket buyer ranting on Twitter or an event attendee who’s lost his way to your secluded venue, a pre-planned communication template will help your social media manager stay away from those mishaps.

Of course, it’s not a great feeling, thinking the building can catch fire. But, don’t we still have evacuation drills?

3. Consult Your Editor

The most common regret of any brand has to be minor copy mistakes on social media. Whether it’s an out of alignment event flyer or a punny mistake on your Instagram ads, run your social media copies through your content specialist or an editor who can quickly rectify the event content.

Your keynote speakers or artist lineup wouldn’t want any goof-ups while listing them online on your event page, so make sure your run all your content through your editor to avoid any social media embarrassment. 

4. Chime Into Attendee Conversations

So your event managed to skyrocket into a successful one. Your attendees and guests would mostly show it off on their social media through Instagram or Facebook. Take this opportunity to tap into the user-generated content and conversations by chiming in with a thank you or a plug-in to your upcoming events.

Not doing so will create an impression that you don’t value their responses and voice. This social media regret can cost your long-term loyalty and attendee interest in your brand of events. 

This strategy of responding is also great for gathering pre-event and post-event feedback in a subtle manner.

5. Alert Your Social Media Support

The conversations on social media can get nasty from time to time. Maybe your event was not up to the mark or didn’t manage to meet attendee expectations. Your ticket buyer is regretting spending a bomb amount for a mediocre experience but won’t leave ranting about it on Twitter.

Keep our CRM team on alert for any such instances to help them manage annoyed attendees on social media. Signing up with Yapsody ensures that you can trust our 24/7 Customer Support for all your event management and on-ground communication needs.

Forget those social media regrets when y​You can facilitate the best-in-class query solving and issue management with the help of our support staff.

6. Make Your Brand Advocates Count

Your loyal event attendees and haters both would be live-tweeting their opinions and posting Instagram stories. Ensure that your brand advocates overpower those trying to spread hate or false reviews for your event. 

You might want to keep track of this by encouraging your audience to use an event-related hashtag.

Keep your hashtag easy to remember, so that your brand advocates don’t forget or misspell it, and at the same time, it should relate to your event.

Also, don’t forget to learn more about Turning Your Event Fans into Brand Advocates that will drastically help you dilute the social media hatred directed towards your event.

7. Keep It Real

Behind the social media platforms and event planning, it’s people who make it come alive. Taking this universal fact into consideration, it’s essential for event organizers and their social media marketing teams to keep it real and not fool around.

If you’ve made a mistake, or your event didn’t match up to your attendee’s expectations, be upfront and real about it on social media. Ingenuity and proactiveness while responding to your social media followers will elevate your brand reputation into a loyal and truthful one.

Nevertheless, ensure that false reviews and unreasonable demands are dealt with truthfulness and facts as well.

There you have it, folks! A few commonly occurring social media regrets that can be handled with ease. Make sure you stay tuned to the Yapsody blog for more such insights and don’t forget to subscribe below. 

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