Audience Preferences For Restaurants & Pubs In The USA – Post COVID

Audience Preferences For Restaurants & Pubs In The USA – Post COVID

Keeping in the trail with our hospitality & entertainment industry insights, we’re back with another round of survey data that will benefit event presenters globally.

To start off with, we surveyed audience preferences across the United States that can help you make strategic data-driven decisions. For the purpose of segmentation, we have taken into account the statistics for restaurants & pubs within the USA that will help you understand audience inclination and sentiment. 

Understanding Audience Preferences For Restaurants & Pubs Post COVID-19

1. Audience Likelihood For Visiting Restaurants & Pubs Next Month

The data from the first half of 2020 suggests that approximately 45% of respondents preferred visiting restaurants and pubs more than five times in a month.

About 66.6 % are likely to visit Restaurants and Pubs whereas 33.4 are still unlikely.

2. Audience Likelihood of Visiting Restaurants & Pubs After Reopening

Being locked down inside the house for months, close to 47% of the respondents stated that they would visit restaurants or pub ‘As soon they opened’.

Overall, every age group mentioned that they would visit a restaurant or pub ‘As soon it opened’ as well. One can even predict the Happy Hours to be back on the menu? Or perhaps the good old Retro Night is about to make a comeback with venue owners going for age-wise segregation.

3. Audience Preferences For A Drive-In Concert at Restaurants & Pubs

Across the country, respondents are ‘Somewhat Likely’ to attend a drive-in concert at their favorite restaurants and pubs with female respondents taking the lead in “more than likely to attend”. Learn more about Organizing Drive-Thru Events.

70% of respondents are very likely to attend drive-ins whereas 11.87% are very unlikely to attend a drive-in. It’s time for a quick engine tune-up, we say.

4. Audience Likelihood of Visiting With Safety Regulations

No matter what your choice of venue or event type is, we strongly encourage the mandate of No Masks = No Entry for all upcoming events in 2020.

Overall, respondents are more likely to visit a restaurant or pub with a mandatory 6 feet distancing and face masks. Cleanliness and sanitation of the venue seem to be the most concerning factors throughout the country even though a major proportion of the respondents state that they do not have any safety concerns.

5. Supplemental Offerings That would Entice Your Audience

A common trend to note is that your event audience is expecting something more to entice them. What you give back depends entirely on your brand of events.

However, dining and ambiance are the most preferred supplemental offering that would entice restaurant & pub patrons across the United States. We hope these findings help restaurant and pub owners like yourself to plan better for your post-COVID events and shows.

To sum it up, safety and sanitization take center stage along with supplemental offerings like dining and ambiance. Close to 47% of the respondents stated that they would visit restaurants or pub ‘As soon they opened’ and 16.8% willing to attend drive-in events as well. If you’re a restaurant & pub owner, we suggest you start planning your way ahead for re-opening keeping these factors in mind. 

For a more in-depth look, download the entire PDF here:

Audience Preferences For Restaurants & Pubs Post COVID-19

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