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Audience Inclination For Visiting Hospitality Venues Within USA – Post COVID

Audience Inclination For Visiting Hospitality Venues Within USA – Post COVID

We recently conducted a survey on audience preferences for restaurants & pubs across the United States that can help you make apt choices based on valuable insights of respondents. This is part two of that survey that takes into account all the major hospitality venues such as hotels, resorts, casinos, cafes, clubs, & theaters.

We suggest you catch up on the Audience Preferences For Restaurants & Pubs before deep diving into a major chunk of the hospitality venues. 

Understanding Audience Inclination For Visiting Hospitality Venues Within USA

1. Frequency Of Visiting A Hospitality Venue Pre-COVID-19

To understand the future, you may have to look to your past and then strategize for the present. This is precisely the approach we took while conducting our survey.  42.4% of the respondents stated that they visited a hospitality venue more than five times on a monthly basis before the pandemic began.

It was observed that female respondents from the USA frequented a hospitality venue more often compared to the others before the pandemic. No points for guessing that Ladies Nights will be on an upsurge across every hospitality venue once this pandemic passes away.

2. Audience Inclination For Visiting A Hospitality Venue Post COVID

Respondents who stated that they were ‘Very Unlikely’ to visit were made up almost a quarter of the total responses received. Those who mentioned that they were likely to visit a hospitality venue made up for almost 46% of the total. Another thing to note is the likelihood of male respondents visiting a hospitality venue next month was far greater.

Overall, a majority of respondents from all age groups were comfortable visiting a hospitality venue ‘As soon they opened’ which is nothing less than a positive sign for every event organizer and venue owner out there. It’s time for hospitality venues to create loyalty programs and give family or group discounts to lure the audiences in. 

3. Audience Preferences For A Primary Venue Choice

People have been missing eating and socializing at their favorite spots which is why about 66% of the US respondents stated that “Restaurants and Pubs’ would be their first choice when they reopen.

It also seems to be the most popular choice of hospitality venues for all age groups whereas 70% of respondents are also willing to attend drive-in events for their wine and dine needs too. 

4. Supplemental Offerings That Would Entice Respondents

All the age groups are more likely to visit a hospitality venue when Face Masks are mandatory at the location. Needless to say, face masks with social distancing mandates should be there at every upcoming event. Regular sanitization checks and availability of safety products ranked high among respondents

Dining and ambiance is the most preferred core supplemental offering that would entice visitors across the United States. Entertainment value, recreational facilities, and loyalty cards were next in line that is highly expected by respondents for a post-COVID gathering.

Key Takeaways: 

To sum it up, it seems that 66% of the US audience is strongly looking forward to restaurants & pubs fully functional whereas 70% of respondents are also willing to attend drive-in events. 

No matter what kind of venue, venue safety, and sanitization protocols also takes center stage with supplemental offerings like dining, loyalty cards, and exclusive events not far behind. 

For a more detailed approach, download the entire PDF here:

Audience Inclination For Hospitality Services Within USA Post COVID-19

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