Asking Your Event Attendees What They Want

Asking Your Event Attendees What They Want

With the COVID-19 situation successfully putting everyone together inside for social distancing, event organizers around the world are also taking a break. However, being able to access the internet is a gift that has facilitated everyone to storm the digital landscape to catch up with their favorite artist or speaker online. As an event organizer, this is the best time for you to operate and gather intel from the safety of your nest. Asking your event attendees what they want and expect from your events is a crucial piece for formulating your future events. 

Here’s how you can go about asking your event attendees what they want:

1. Use Social Media To Go Live 

Schedule a daily or weekly time wherein you go live to do a Q&A with your audience and followers to understand what sort of online events they’d want and how often they would like the live streams to be. Learn more about Taking The Virtual Route For Hosting Events

2. Create Questionnaires & Surveys

Why not take social distancing as an opportunity to re-connect with your guest list and audience to gather useful information. When you create a web event on our event ticketing platform, use our Questionnaires and Surveys to garner suggestions and recommendations from your audience to improve your future events. Here are 3 Types of Surveys To Improve Your Event Planning.

3. Use A Pilot Episode To Gauge Reactions

Use your first web event to gauge your online event’s reception among your audience. This will help you get a clear idea of what they want in the upcoming days which will help you choose your content and event stream with precision. Event attendees have the right set of tools to access your events on their phones. It’s your job to figure out which works well for their convenience.  

If you’re someone who hasn’t figured out how to manage events during this critical period, do check our Event Organizers Guide To COVID-19 for more tips on tackling this challenge.

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