As A Concert Manager, How Do I Retain My Event Attendees?

As A Concert Manager, How Do I Retain My Event Attendees?

Your events might be on hold, but that wouldn’t stop your party people searching for similar options online, right? As a concert manager, it is natural to feel disheartened with all your event investments already made. We at Yapsody strictly believe in social distancing but not social isolation and that’s exactly the motto that is being taken into consideration for most of the event organizers all over the world as the entertainment and hospitality industry sails together through this. 

You’ve must’ve noticed musicians, artists, and performers going LIVE on their social media accounts to host watch parties with their fans. It’s time you also took the virtual route to host your events online and bring the world a little bit closer (without getting too close off course) during these times. 

As A Concert Manager, Here’s How You Can Retain Your Event Attendees:

1. Move Your Events Online

First things first, it’s about time you move your events online. We understand the fact that you might probably not get the attendee response and vibe of a live music concert but this is the closest your guests and ticket buyers are getting to your event and performances. Learn more about Changing Your Upcoming Event To An Online Event with Yapsody.

2. Choose The Right Platform For Streaming Online Events

Get a head start with our  COVID-19 Event Postponement and Management Tips to help you change your event into a web event. Once you’ve successfully postponed your events and planned your communication around it, it’s time to choose the best online streaming platform based on your audience. From webinars, podcasts, live music concerts online, and behind the scenes, you can choose from a wide variety of content formats to retain your event attendees.

3. Ask Your Attendees What They Expect From You

As an event organizer, this is the best time for you to operate and gather intel from the safety of your nest. Asking your event attendees what they want and expect from your events is a crucial piece of data for retaining them currently and for your future events. Learn more about Asking Attendees What They Want with our Questionnaires and Surveys feature. 

We hope you make full use of our event ticketing system for your online events. With Yapsody you can always choose to Pass On your ticketing fees to your attendees and take advantage of our credit period to save your money during this critical phase. 

If you have any queries while setting up your online events, reach out to

We hope event organizers and concert managers all over the globe are taking the necessary social distancing protocols for their safety. The world needs more people who can bring communities together online during these unprecedented times. Stay tuned for more tips on handling the COVID situation and learn more through our COVID-19 Resources for Event Presenters.

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