Guide To Making The Most Out Of The Holiday Season

Guide To Making The Most Out Of The Holiday Season

The holiday season means a lot to different people. For an attendee, it is the most entertaining time of the year, while for an event presenter, it happens to be the most revenue-generating season. However, with a sequence of events happening one after another, things can go haywire, turning the most profitable season into an event presenter’s worst nightmare

Before you kick-off for your Holiday season planning, make sure to read and bookmark our most-awaited guides of the season: 

Moving on, here’s our comprehensive guide on making the most out of this holiday season.

1. Plan In Advance

Planning is an important aspect of our lives. When it comes to events, it’s nothing different. Since we’re talking about the holiday season here, you may have multiple events that you’d like to schedule depending on the event dates. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or a local Oktoberfest, start planning the timing well for your event. 

If you’re planning a Halloween party for kids, change the event time accordingly. Always plan your venue depending on the weather. If you’re in the United States, the holiday season is chilly. While it is snowy and beautiful, your attendees will prefer to attend an event indoors to stay warm and cozy.

Make sure to glance through our Ultimate Event Planning Checklist for ideating and managing all your holiday season shows.

2. Create Your Holiday Season Agenda

The holiday season could mean back-to-back events and immense planning from A-Z. After you’ve created your checklist, it’s time to put them into an actionable agenda. Hence, create a logical event agenda of to-do tasks – creating a budget, choosing the date, venue, and defining the stakeholders/sponsors to name a few.

3. Estimate Correct Ticket Prices

Once your budget is planned and you know approximately how many event attendees are expected, you can calculate the price of your ticket. There are two things you should consider while planning the cost of the ticket. One, plan the ticket price in a way that it covers all the expenses including emergencies, and two, sell tickets online for free by passing on the ticketing fee to the ticket cost. That’s our Fees Customization feature, we’re talking about. 

To be a masterful planner, read our guide on “How To Price Your Event Tickets

4. Create Dynamic Ticket Types

Be it a Christmas ice skating event or an indoor Halloween party, give your attendees multiple ticket options to choose from. With Yapsody, you can assign dynamic ticket types for your attendees. From regular to VIP tickets, we offer everything to make your attendee’s experience a flexible one. Don’t forget to check out our Event Seating & Ticket Types That Will Boost Your Turnout

You can create Holiday season discounts for your guests & customize your tickets according to your event theme using our ticket customization feature.

5. Create Multiple Performances

With multiple holiday events & recurring performances setting up each one can be a tedious task. Our online ticketing platform not only lets you set up events but also lets you create multiple or duplicate events with different times slots. That saved time, right? 

Use the “Copy Existing Event feature” and make required editions including date and time changes so you too can sit back and enjoy a drink.

6. Promote Your Holiday Season Events

People love to go out, connect, and meet new people as it’s an opportunity to meet, greet and have a great time together. Let people know about your holiday season’s plan well in advance. 

Enhance your Event SEO  to increase the visibility of your event so that you’re reaching the right audiences. Make sure to check out our Branding & Customization Feature Cluster that has a host of event marketing solutions and integrations of events of all types.

7. Gather Audience Feedback

You’ve spent sleepless nights planning a Christmas brunch or a Themed Event Party. But what do your attendees prefer during their holiday season? Don’t guess. Instead, find out what your attendees like, their interests, and event theme preferences using our Surveys & Questionnaire feature.

This way, you can gauge their responses and alter your marketing strategy accordingly. When you consider your attendee feedback while creating the event, you’ll get happy attendees who’re loyal to your brand of events.

8. Track Your Expenses

What happens when you have back-to-back special occasions in the same month and you can’t celebrate them on one day? It simply means more expenses. Similarly, with the holiday season’s multiple events scheduled back to back, it can make you go overboard on your expenses.

9. Integrate Online Payment Gateways 

Signing up on Yapsody allows you to integrate payment gateways specific to your country. Choose from Online Payment Gateways such as PayPal, WePay, Stripe, Braintree, and many others for safe and secure payment processing.

So whether you’re organizing a White Christmas in the USA or a local Oktoberfest in Europe, your cash flow and revenue collection will be powered by the best in the world.

Which Holiday season events are you most excited to plan? Leave us a comments below and share your thoughts with us. For more such event industry insights and tips, stay tuned to our blog.

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