Acquiring & Retaining Your Event Attendees In The New Normal

Acquiring & Retaining Your Event Attendees In The New Normal

The key to success in the new normal of event planning has taken a swift turn – for better or for worse depends on your perspective. Apart from enhancing your event operations in the new normal, if you’re keen on acquiring newer audiences and retain your existing event attendees, here are a few key tips that you can follow. 

1. Keep A Steady Pulse Online

Online engagement rates are going through the roof which is why keeping an eye out for trending topics, industry insights, and conversations that your audience indulges in. Once you get into their train of thoughts, it becomes easier to connect with them through your marketing channels. Here are some insights to give you a headstart. 

Learn more about audience behavior from our US concert survey insights.

2. Ramp Up Your Lines Of Communication

This the time when you should keep your brand easily accessible across all your channels. Whether it’s through your customer support lines or social media platforms, it’s imperative to have customer services stay alert and proactive for incoming queries and information requests from potential event attendees. Learn more about our customer care suite of services that you can bank on to create a continuous cycle of engagement.

3.  Arouse Curiosity Through Event Forums 

When you’re trying to build your brand presence through community-building activities, the curiosity induced amongst your potential audiences will have them flocking to your online help desk for more information. Being creative and arousing curiosity in forums that are frequented by your target audience helps you solidify your brand presence further. Retain your existing audience by sharing thought pieces and build new leads by showcasing what they can expect from your upcoming events. 

4. Ask Relevant Questions 

Not only is your audience looking for the safest venue to attend future events, but they’re also wanting to share their personal thoughts and ideas as to what they would expect from you as an event organizer. Make full use of this opportunity to use our Questionnaires & Surveys feature to gather useful insights that will help you plan smartly.  For a more comprehensive approach for utilizing surveys in 2020, go through our YapStudy — Way Forward For The Hospitality & Entertainment Industry. 

We hope our audience acquisition and retention tips help you grow in the new normal. For those looking to manage their cash flow and event investments better, check out our COVID RECOVERY Offer and SIGN UP to make full use of it.

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