A Presenters Guide to Hosting The Ultimate Christmas Party

A Presenters Guide to Hosting The Ultimate Christmas Party

People love to meet and connect with new people whether it is on social media or a Christmas party downtown. Christmas season being everyone’s favorite time of the year, also turns out to be the most revenue-generating season for every event presenter. With the festive season coming soon, event presenters have a great opportunity to start planning right away if they haven’t yet. Here’s a step by step helpful guide for an event presenter to plan your Christmas event easily.

Plan Your Event Early
Starting early has its own benefits. Promote your event in advance using effective marketing tools to reach out to your potential audience. You’ll be able to gauge with the response you receive if there is a need to alter your marketing or sales strategy. Again it depends on the event promotion techniques you use to generate more leads. Read more about it in our recent blog- “When is the right time to promote your event?

Create the Right Budget
When you’re planning an event, everything boils down to the budget you decide. Every event you plan will have similar costs involved. Create a basic structure for your Christmas event and make changes according to the future events you’ll organize. Keep in mind the infrastructure cost, cost of booking the venue, catering charges and an extra amount to cover all costs including an emergency.

Plan Christmas Invites
Have you planned a grand Christmas party? Make sure your Christmas invite is as grand and appealing enough to lure your attendees to be a part of it. A few things to consider while creating an invite, if it’s an email invite, personalize it. For social media campaigns, choose either a GIF of elves inviting your guests for an event or an image with Candy canes and Christmas tree image with your event details. Use our integrated tool – MailChimp to send out the best Christmas invites and get ready for a sold-out event. Read our blog on effective email campaign tips to know more.

Choose your Venue
Once you’re clear about the budget, the number of attendees and the event date, book the venue straight away. Since we are talking about Christmas events here, if the location you choose is a popular one, don’t wait until the last minute to book it. Figure out if you’d love to have an outdoor adventure this Christmas with a Skiing event or an indoor event with some great music. A few things to consider while booking the venue are the venue itself, the traffic in the locality, distance to get there and parking facility. Geotag your event on the ticketing system to give attendees the exact event location. Share the same on popular social media sites, so the location is easily accessible at their fingertips.

Christmas Decor
You picture the venue to be all lit up with beautiful decorations but when you get there, it’s just the opposite. How many times does this happen to you? Let your decor speak for you and your event. Children’s faces light up when they see Santa and his allies. Consider placing one along with Rudolf the reindeer at the entrance. From white Christmas to an elf themed event, make this season a delightful one for you and your attendees.

Food & Drinks
Christmas is the season to eat, drink and party. While you plan your next Christmas event, spruce up the table with dishes like roast suckling pig, roasted turkey or lasagne with ham. Your desserts can include Bûche de Noël, Christmas pudding, Candy cane cookies and Strawberry Santas. Christmas is incomplete without wines and champagnes. Depending on your budget, select your liquor brands and let your attendees go merry this season.

Use Proper Signage
Inconvenience and confusion are event presenters two worst nightmares. Imagine elf dressed kids entering the smoking area or your attendee has arrived early and wants to snack on some gingerbread cookies, but there’s no proper signage to guide them. It can lead to worse experiences and give you a bad reputation. Whether you’re hosting your first Christmas event or an annual one, place clear signages for every area to avoid any discomfort for your attendees. Provide proper details on your event description page to guide your attendees. Make sure your event details along with Terms & Conditions are properly listed on your online ticket store.

Make Use of Christmas Offers
As an event presenter, you already know how well offers work for you and your attendees. Similarly, you have an opportunity to save money while you sell tickets online with Yapsody. With Christmas coming in early for us, we have launched some great offers, only so you can take advantage of them and create your event. If you haven’t seen our offers yet, you’re already missing a lot. Check out our offers here.

Choose the Right Ticketing Partner
Implementing the right ticketing partner can change the way you plan, promote and sell tickets online. Features like an effective online ticket store, virtual box office and mobile applications ease the setting up process of your Christmas event. Pay nothing from your pockets with our “Pass on fee” feature that lets you add the cost of the ticketing fee to the ticket cost. That way you get the best of the features for free. Whether you set up your event in Los Angeles or Sydney, do it with ease with our multi-currency and multiple payment gateway support systems for event presenters across the globe.

Promote your Event
Just as you planned your event early, promote it too. Start with SEO. Optimize your event page with keywords like “Christmas event” in the content to increase the visibility of your event to the maximum potential audience. Use influencer marketing to create a hype about Christmas party or a Christmas musical evening on social media. Effectively use the most powerful tool – social media to promote your event or simply ask Yapsody to promote your event across the social media channels of your choice. You can also post your events with us for free. Strategically post your Christmas events way before time on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Check out our blogs to understand the promotion hacks in detail for Facebook, Twitter and SEO.

Take a Survey
What if you give your attendees just what they need? You’d have a sold-out event only because of your brand image. You can, with our Questionnaires and surveys, find out if they’d like white Christmas or the Elf them. You can also check how many are vegan, their interests, food they like and incorporate it in the Christmas event you organize to give them the best experience.

Easy Check-In and Check-Out
Long queues on a chilly Christmas night can be frustrating for your attendees. Give your attendees a seamless experience with our Yapscan app and QR code scanning devices. These apps handle large volumes of the crowd easily and eliminate the chances of duplicate tickets.

Get Real-Time Reports
From planning the Christmas party fun night to deciding the theme of the tickets, there’s a lot that an event presenter has on his plate. To understand the online ticket sales numbers you need real-time data that’ll help you assess the situation and develop a strategy to meet your goal. YapStats is designed to give you real-time statistics about your online ticket sales for the event directly on your Android/IOS device. With instant reports and real-time tracking, you can alter your sales strategy to boost ticket sales. Using the YapStats app, you can track real-time sales data for each event across all accounts and access key event-related information at your fingertips.

Follow Up Post Event
One thing most event presenters miss out is to follow up on the attendees post the event. Take feedback from your attendees to understand what went well and what didn’t. That way you can improve your next Christmas event based on the feedback you receive from the most obliged fans. Taking feedback is a great way to show your attendees how valuable they are.

While you use this step by step guide to plan your next Christmas party, don’t forget to check our Christmas party ideas and make your Christmas event an evening filled with laughter and joy. If you’re an event presenter looking to set up your Christmas events using the best online ticketing system, here’s a deal for you. Sign up with Yapsody and avail a 25% off on your ticketing fees Now using the code CHRISTMAS25. Click here to know more about this offer.

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