Guide To Hosting The Perfect Halloween Party

Guide To Hosting The Perfect Halloween Party

Wondering whether COVID-19 will mean No Trick Or Treating on Halloween? Regulations have eased off around the world which means hosting a Halloween event is very much possible. 

Whether it is your first time organizing a Halloween party or you’re known to host them annually, planning a Halloween party requires serious event management skills. Since your attendees look forward to it the most, it is only acceptable that you give them the best experience. In this blog, we guide your ordinary event into something extraordinary and help you put up the best Halloween ever.  

1. An Invitation From Hogwarts

One of the best ways to increase attendees to your Halloween-themed event is to create exciting and spooky invites. Create Jack-O’-Lantern GIFs, Zombie-based invites, or Harry Potter letters to get your attendees excited about your event. Once your invite is ready, spread the word using our email marketing integration to your attendee lists or post it on social media to reach out to your target audience.

2. Don’t Hold Back On The Decor

Ghost balloons, broom, creative Jack-O’-Lanterns along with dim lights can make your Halloween event perfect for great pictures. Set up a photo booth with lots of eerie props like fake vampire teeth, popping eyeballs, ravens in a cast-iron cage, witch cloak, hats, and brooms. Set up your venues like a graveyard with fake tombstones and a lot of Jack-O’-Lanterns at the entrance to take it a notch up.

3. Deviled Eggs For The Win

Serve dishes like deviled eggs, red pasta that resembles a brain, a creepy feet loaf, or simply some spooky green eyeball soup from the cauldron. If your event is organized in a small place, highlight your theme on a table setting with fake spiders and webs around the dishes. You can even bundle your event tickets along with food & drinks as a package and offer discounts on the same to encourage sales.

4. On The Highway To Hell

To entertain your guests throughout the evening, you can arrange a live band or hire a DJ. While your band sets up a great mood with the best of Halloween classics for your attendees, you can have a small space for those who’d love to dance to those tunes.

5. Vampire Volunteers

Spook your attendees by getting your event volunteers to dress up as vampires, but with volunteer badges. The volunteers can even dress up as wizards or ghosts to scare your attendees and have someone capture the moment so they have a memory of your event to post online or cherish forever.

6. Hashtag Your Way To Their Hearts

Use every popular platform that can generate maximum leads for your event. Choose Halloween-related hashtags to promote your event. Optimize your Halloween event page keeping the SEO parameters in mind, so you can increase the visibility of your event organically. The more people see your event, the more the chances of a sold-out event.

7. Ghost Ride

Have you thought of taking your attendees for a Ghost ride? Set up an area with all the Halloween monsters, ghosts, witches, vampires, and Dracula. Take your attendees through this creepy ride and play all sorts of scary sounds to scare the hell out of them.

8. Halloween For A Cause

Be it a Halloween high tea party or a live music concert, we always want to support your cause. If you’re a nonprofit organization, you get a FLAT 50% Rebate on your ticketing fee. 

P.s. The Pass on fee feature is applicable for all event organizers irrespective of the type of event.

9. One Ticket To Zombieland, Please! 

It’s Halloween! Customize your tickets depending on the age group you’re organizing the tickets for. Whether it is a Zombie theme or a Vampire Halloween party, create a spooky ticket, and enchant your attendees.

We hope our extensive guide helps you plan a thriller of an event, one that raises goosebumps and makes into the tales of the crypt for generations to come. While planning your next Halloween event, choose some wicked themes from our blog – 10 Halloween Themes To Host The Greatest Party Of All Time”. 

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