9 Ways Of Impressing Attendees With Your Event Pages

9 Ways Of Impressing Attendees With Your Event Pages

An event doesn’t begin when your attendees enter your venue. The event experience begins the moment you create that first impression in their minds. That’s where your main event page comes in the picture to create the initial buzz and persona. It’s like a first date where you’re dressed to impress with the expectation of hitting a home run. Figuring out how to woo your attendees with unique event pages? 

Here are 9 ways of impressing attendees with your event pages. 

1. Consider the Event Type 

Before creating any random event description on your page, consider the type of event you’re hosting. If it’s a theater event, your descriptions and copy need to tease them the right way and hook them into heading into the checkout page.

Event Pages

Screenshot – Event Page

Musical night followed by dinner? Add music videos of artists that’ll be performing at your venue and high-quality images of the food that they can expect. Planning a pub crawl? Don’t miss out on all the juicy details as organized drinking should be taken seriously, right?

Event Pages

Screenshot – Event Page

2. Choose Visuals Over Words 

Visuals and minimal storytelling are your best friends. We’ve noticed event presenters not having to write lengthy event descriptions as their pictures spoke a 1000 words. With our Online Ticket Store, you can achieve this by creating a combination of strong or subtle color palettes mixed with your branding. Maybe you’re the popular one in the event industry and all they need to see is your brand logo to hit the BUY ticket button.  

3. Don’t Overwhelm Them

Don’t use jargons and heavy terms that require them to pull up Google search. Translate your event details effectively in a minimalistic manner so that they don’t stray away from your page. Sometimes, less is more so don’t start penning an essay on your event pages.

4. Use the Power Of Video

In the generation of 4k ultra HD videos, a well-shot teaser can do wonders in communicating what words cannot. You might have to write a script for it, but the payoff is huge. You can not only add your videos on our Online Ticket Store but also use the same video on multiple social media channels. Videos add a great impression for events pages with live music concerts, theaters, and stand-up gigs. Learn more on How to Promote Your Event Using Video. 

5. SEO Optimize Your Event Page 

Before going live with your event page, it’s absolutely crucial to SEO optimize it that will make it reach the appropriate audiences. Optimizing your event page with our SEO optimization feature will make your event page appear organically on top of search results, making it easier for new attendees to find your events. 

6. Dig Deeper Into Attendee Data 

Ask your attendees all the right questions, so you can create the ideal attendee experience. Maybe your first-ever event didn’t go as expected but that’s how the event industry works. By understanding your event attendee, you can craft better descriptions for your event page and attract more ticket buyers. Use our Questionnaires & Surveys feature to dig deeper into attendee data. 

7. Provide Social Proof

No one wants to pay money for an event only to witness the event go bust at the last minute. Social media profiles for brands are official proof of legitimate existence. Create another layer of trust in your event attendees by adding your social media icons on your Online Ticket Store. We’ve always witnessed a quick checkout for those event pages with social media icons on them.

Social Media Linking

Screenshot – Yapsody Dashboard

8. Attendees Love Discounts

Now, if you’ve done everything right to hook them till the end of your event page, it’s time to create a sense of urgency by giving them a discount. An event marketing tactic that never fails the test of time. Use our event ticketing platform to assign different types of discounts through multiple ticket types.

9. Add Custom FAQs  

Don’t leave out anything to their imagination. If event attendees are having doubts or second thoughts about attending your event you’re losing out on ticketing revenue that could’ve been avoided otherwise. Clear the confusion you think they might have by adding custom FAQs on your Online Ticket Store. The only thing they should be imagining is how amazing your event is going to be. 

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