9 Unique Christmas Party Ideas to Celebrate like an Aussie

9 Unique Christmas Party Ideas to Celebrate like an Aussie

Koalas, Kangaroos and Masterchef are some of the things that come to our mind when we think of Australia. But that’s not all it’s famous for. Be it Sydney’s New Year’s Eve or Christmas celebration in the summer, Australia is one of the most fun countries to be in during these times. While most Aussies believe in enjoying Christmas with a crate of beer and some great food, here are 9 unique Christmas party ideas you should consider this Christmas.

Christmas Ball
Who doesn’t love dancing? Host a great Christmas ball with either live music band or a DJ for your community. It can be a masquerade party or a simple get together with some great music, beers and a few food trucks for some palatable food. While some jive and roll to music beats and the Christmas hits, some can simply relax, enjoy the music and the traditional lamb shoulder roast.

Christmas Party Games
Whether it is a large family or a group of friends, Christmas party games are a great way to have fun together. Organize games like Candy Cane hunt, White Elephant or simply play minute to win it games and roll down with laughter and find the winner among you. To know more about Christmas party games, read our complete blog on “12 Ultimate Christmas Party Games

The Australian Ninja Warrior
Organize outdoor sports events for your community or neighbors this Christmas. You don’t have to be Australian Ninja warriors to win the game. Your games can be as simple as a scavenger hunt with cookies hidden in the bushes or play games like Giant Beer Pong. Wow! That’s going to be a fun day outing.

Host a Sandman Contest
Since Aussies love being outdoors, whether it is for a barbie or simply going to the beach, you can plan this year’s Christmas party at the beach along with your family or just a group of friends. Your family can relax and enjoy sunbathing, while you host a sandman contest for the kids. If it’s a large group, make teams and let them pour out their creativity by building a Christmas Sandman of different sizes. The team that makes the best sandman wins the Aussie famous boomerang.

Christmas Barbie(BBQ)
Another fun Christmas party idea we can think of to bring your community closer is hosting a Christmas Barbie along with some cool outdoor games. An Australian Christmas Barbeque party is incomplete without burgers, sausages, steaks and loads of chilled beer. Since Aussies love eating fresh salads, you can incorporate salads along with Barbeques and make it a great combination with a wide variety of cold beers.

Christmas Barbeque Party

Organize a mini Masterchef Event
Cook-Offs are a great way of bringing Australian foodies closer. While most Aussie’s love eating Vegemite on toast, barbecue sausages and meat pies, you can host a mini Masterchef in your neighborhood to find out the best chef. They don’t have to be as good as George Calombaris or Luke Nguyen. Your cook-off can include dishes like Roasted Chicken, Eggnogs or Christmas pudding. Planning a food and drink fest? Host one with Yapsody. Sign up now avail a flat 25% off on your ticketing fees.

White Christmas
While most of the world celebrates Christmas during winters with snowy rooftops and chilly nights, It’s a different season in Australia during that time of the year. A lot of Aussies prefer keeping a short Christmas celebration in July to get the feeling of Christmas in winters. It can be as special as a Christmas dinner with family with a roasted turkey or building a snowman outdoors. We may be late for 2019, but you can always use our Christmas party ideas for 2020. Find out more ideas to celebrate Christmas in winter.

Host a Christmas Talent Show
Host The Voice but instead of pop songs, let your contestants sing classic Christmas carols. Also, similar to the reality show, you can have your panel of judges sit with backs facing the contestants. Like in the reality show, judges will turn around when a talented singer or a choir impresses them with their voice. Planning to host one? Host your Christmas talent show with Yapsody as your ticketing partner and avail a flat 25% off on your ticketing fees.

Christmas Bake-off
Bake-offs are a great way to have fun with your friends and community. Call out all the talented bakers of your suburb for a Christmas bake-off. Since Christmas is the theme, and Tim Tams are loved by most Aussies, get the bakers to bake Tim Tam cakes in different variations as a part of your contest. Set a few rules for the bake-off and let the contest begin.

Bake Off

Whether you choose to celebrate Christmas in the winters or at Bondi Beach in the summers, pick any of our ideas to make it a great one. Create your own Christmas events and we’ll offer you the best event booking system at low prices so you can sell tickets online and give your attendees the best experience. Also, if you’re impressed with our ideas and want to set up your Christmas event with us, sign up with Yapsody Now! Make use of our Christmas offer and avail a 25% off on your event ticketing fee!

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