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9 Things An Event Manager Can’t Do Without

Event Manager

Being a part of the event industry comes with its own set of joyful and painful moments. While seeing a sold-out status can give you immense happiness, last-minute cancellations can induce one of the worst nightmaresBeing an event manager requires mental agility and skills like no other. To stay on top, of your game, here are 9 things that you or your event manager needs:

1. Sharp Negotiation Skills

If you chose the event industry, without sharp negotiation skills, you’re sure to shut down your shop. Every time you strike that conversation with the caterers or the venue owner, the price you pay depends on how well you negotiate with your stakeholders. Everything comes with practice and experience. So, if you think you should stop organizing events only because you can’t work out a cost plan suitable for both, don’t give up. 

We suggest creating an event proposal that will help you frame a standardized pitch to work with.

2. Patience & Tactfulness

Juggling between multiple events, handling hasty vendors, and dealing with last-minute event promotion is every event manager’s story. While the lack of sleep and the stress before your event can turn anyone irritable, without patience, you’re sure to plan the murder of almost every person in your path. 

But when you’re in the events industry, patience and tact are your besties. Again just like the negotiation skills, as you keep handling events, your patience and tactfulness just get better with time. Of course, for those who don’t have the time to deal with a handful of event attendees, our 24/7 Support is your BFF in this case.

3. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Imagine a day at work without your team. You’ll probably go bonkers, right? From planning to event marketing you’ve got a whole lot to delegate. You can’t be a superhero and handle everything all by yourself. 

With our User Access Control, you can secure your information with detailed user permissions. Assign roles to your team members based on their duties in the virtual box office. Protect your data by providing access only to the information your team member will need.

4. Mobile Phones / Scanning Devices

A mobile phone is everyone’s necessity today and for an event manager, it is no different. Since most of your time is spent coordinating with the stakeholders, a day without a mobile phone seems absolutely impossible. With Yapsody, you turn your mobile phone into a ticket scanning device.

That way, you ensure the queues are quickly cleared through easy validation using our mobile app – YapScan.

5. Event Management Platform

As an event manager, handling multiple tasks can be time-consuming. But with an event management platform, a lot of tasks are taken care of all in a single interface. From event registration, check-in to event promotion and reporting, it takes care of almost everything for an event manager. Without it, you’ll surely feel like you’re in a primitive age. 

With Yapsody’s Event Management cluster, you can take the upward curve with granular functionalities like Box Office, Event Setup Wizard, Inventory Management, Invite-Only Access Codes, Surveys, and much more.

6. Event Stats

We bet you’ll spend sleepless nights without your reporting app for event numbers and statistics. While most reporting apps offer information on event ticket sales, our reporting app – YapStats gives its event managers real-time data directly on their Android or iOS devices. 

Not just that, you can integrate Google Analytics with your account and directly check the performance of your marketing campaign on your mobile phone. We told you, you can’t lose your phone.

7. Email Marketing Integration

Email marketing is one of the direct communication channels with your attendees. From creating effective subject lines to personalized reminders for communicating with the stakeholders, email marketing boosts your conversions. Knowing the impact it creates on your events, life without an effective email can’t be imagined. 

With our email marketing integration, event managers can easily reach out to a wider audience and promote their upcoming events. 

8. Stable Internet Connectivity

Without stable internet connectivity, you can’t think about making your events a success.  Event managers face a lot of difficulties when they have to visit rural places to organize events. Due to a lack of signal coverage, internet connectivity gets affected, which in turn can lead to a delay in event promotion. Dongles, Mifi’s, and boosters are some of the great solutions event managers can use to ensure work doesn’t stop no matter what. 

9. Attendees & Brand Advocates

How can you even create events if your attendees and influencers are missing? They are your show stoppers, the reason why your brand exists. Never ignore your attendees, appreciate and engage with them before and after the event.

Maintain a healthy relationship with them and they’ll promote your event better than any other promotional channel would. Once in a while, offer giveaways, discounts and always focus on offering a great experience to make sure they keep coming back for more.

There you have it, folks! 9 things every manager can’t do without. If you have more instances to add to our list, please do comment below and sign up. For those looking for more event management resources, we’ve added a few more resources to broaden your minds. 

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