9 Unique Christmas Party Invitation Ideas

9 Unique Christmas Party Invitation Ideas

Christmas is all about having fun and entertaining your guests, whether it’s for a small Christmas party or a huge Christmas ball. Invitations play a vital role in driving attendees to your event along with the marketing techniques. Every event presenter uses the same old methods to invite their attendees, which is why we bring to you 9 Quirky Christmas party invitation ideas to make your event unique.

Traditional Card Invites
This is an old school technique yet an effective way of reaching out to your attendees. Despite today’s advanced digitalization, some companies still send out personalized invites to their attendees. If you’re planning a Christmas event, you can use it too. When you use traditional methods to invite your guests, it gives a personal touch to the invite. You can send a beautiful Christmas invitation card with your event details that will pop a Christmas tree when they open the card.

Handcrafted Card
If you’re a creative event presenter who scored A+ in arts and crafts, and you’re planning a small event, you can go for a DIY Christmas card on Santa’s stocking. You can also make a cute snowman using cardboard and add your event details on it. Voila! Your handcrafted card is ready.

Back To Back Events
Planning multiple events this holiday season? Keep your Christmas event flyers ready while your current event is going on. Giveaway the flyers soon after the event is over. That’s how your existing attendees will know about the exciting Christmas party you’re about to host. To ensure none of the flyers are thrown away, give them a discount coupon or a promo code that they can use to avail the offer while buying tickets.

Banners Here Banners There
Use banners in public transport like buses, metros and trains to promote your event. When your attendees see them everywhere, your Christmas event will automatically register into their minds. Highlight the USP of your event when using banners. Let’s say, you’re organizing a Christmas evening with a buffet and there’s a popular live band performing at the event. Mention about the live band on the banner.

Christmas Event Gift Box Invite
Elite parties require elite invitations. Depending on the volume of attendees, you can create a small gift hamper along with your Christmas party invite for your exclusive guests. It can be Grandma’s Chocolate chip cookies or a bag filled with Christmas candies along with your event invitation. Pack it all together to make it the best combination of chocolates and a perfect way to invite your attendees.

Eat It Up
Create your Christmas invite on an edible scroll or Christmas tree-shaped edible chocolate sheet. With this Christmas party invitation idea, you’re not wasting paper, passing on the message and they get to taste multi-flavored chocolates. Also, you can ask your attendees to click a picture of the invite, in case they forget a few details after eating the invite ;).

Miniature Liquor Labels
While Christmas is all about eating, drinking and having fun, give your attendees miniature liquor bottles as a form of invitation. Customize the mini labels with Christmas trees and jingle bells. While you create a mini label with your Christmas party invite, make sure you add all the necessary details about the event and the font is clear.

Email Marketing
One of the most common and personalized ways of getting your word to the attendee is email marketing. Use Christmas templates and GIFs to design your invite. Personalize your email and use an effective email marketing tool to send out your Christmas event invites. Reach out to new attendees using our MailChimp integration. Read our complete blog on email marketing tips here.

Social Media
Everyone uses social media today. Promote your event through Facebook and Twitter. Create a post using either a Santa or a white Christmas theme with your event details. Roll out offers, contest and offer freebies to buy tickets to your event. Offer referral rewards for getting their friends and family. If used the right way, social media can help you achieve the status of a sold-out event. Drive more attendees to your event by posting your events on Yapsody for free.

Go on and create an exclusive invite for your attendees using these ideas. Plan, promote and sell out your next Christmas event with Yapsody as your preferred ticketing partner. Sign up Now and avail a 40% off on your event ticketing fees.

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