9 Moments Every Event Manager Has Experienced

9 Moments Every Event Manager Has Experienced

If the event industry is what you’ve chosen to be a part of, you’re about to go on a rollercoaster ride with some good, bad to the best moments in your life. As an event manager, you have to wear multiple hats to make sure you organize a successful event. After months of rigorous planning, coordination and sleepless nights, the end result can either be a dream come true or the worst nightmare. Here are 9 moments every event manager goes through in his event planning journey.

Your Life is a Series of Back to Back Meetings

Attending back to back meetings, you’ll probably win the award for handling stress without losing your calm. During the peak season, the stress makes you euphoric witnessing a sold-out event. On the other hand, the offseason will have you stressing about earning without hosting any event.

If you’ve got a venue, we’ve got ideas you can use to get an additional income even during the off-peak season. Check out our ideas here.

You Handle Last Minute Problems Like A Boss 

An artist informs you that they’ll be late or probably just cancel the event last minute. You’ve been through this, right? Artists canceling the event due to an emergency or a technical breakdown in the middle of an event are common situations that every event manager endures. 

Be it the food vendor, logistics or the decor designer, ensure you a contingency plan, so last-minute cancellations can be taken care of. 

You’re Good at Making Peace

Apologizing and saying thank you on a loop comes to you naturally. While your attendees wait in a queue, some of them have got ridiculously angry. We bet you’ve handled the worst with a smile on your face. 

You can definitely avoid such situations where attendees don’t have to waste their time waiting in a queue. At Yapsody, our mobile apps validate your attendees in no time. Their tickets are scanned and they can quickly enter the venue without hampering their excitement levels. 

You’re a Behind the Scenes Superhero

While you spent sleepless nights creating that extraordinary event, rarely do people thank you. You fight every obstacle like a superhero would. Whether your attendees praise you or not, we at Yapsody always appreciate event managers who go the extra mile.

When it comes to event ticketing, we like to help event managers in every possible manner, so you have a sold-out event. Our support team is on deck for you 24/7. 

You’re Close to tears as There’s Not Even a Fly at the Venue

You anticipated a full house. Time is ticking and there are barely any attendees at your venue. As event managers, all of us have been through this situation. Was it your event marketing team who didn’t promote your event well or was it your online ticketing store that was too complicated for attendees? Try out our small quiz to know which social media platform is the best to promote your event. 

You’re Psyched When There are Too Many Attendees at The Door

You planned and promoted your event well in advance since the last event didn’t receive a great response. Turns out, this time, your event is sold out a month before the event date. You even had attendees come to the venue enquiring for tickets but due to lack of venue space, you had to decline it. That definitely happens to event managers. It’s a good feeling and an opportunity to create another event with the same artist/speaker so that those who missed the last time don’t miss it now.

You’re a Know-it-All

Ever come across a situation when you realized you should have used the smarter technology to improve the event experience? With the event industry changing significantly, it’s a must to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technology.

There are multiple ways to learn about the latest updates. From blogs to videos, keep track of the latest trends. Read our blog on ‘Top Event Trends Every Presenter Must Know for 2019’ for detailed information.

That Moment When the Weather Changes

You’ve been planning a food fest for months. Everything looked great when you checked the weather forecast this morning. It’s a sunny afternoon, guests are checking in and suddenly you hear thunder. As you’re trying to reassure yourself that it’s not the thunder, the next thing you see, it’s pouring crazy. 

If your venue has space indoors, you can still change things around, but for others, you’re better off canceling the event.

You’re the Go-To Solution Provider

Attendees tend to have a lot of queries, be it about parking, buying tickets online or about how to get to the venue. You become the customer support for all your attendees. It can be stressful if you don’t have a support team to take care of all these queries.

When you sign up with Yapsody, we share your load. Whether you sell 10 or 100000 tickets our 24/7 customer service is always available to help you and your attendees with all your queries about the event. 

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in creating events, don’t hesitate to streamline your event promotion and ticketing service. Yapsody helps event managers to sell tickets online, be it through its event marketing services or the holiday season offers. Use our promo code HOLIDAY25 to avail a 25% off on your event ticketing fees.

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