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9 Event Ticketing Features Preferred By Our Casino Clients

9 Event Ticketing Features Preferred By Our Casino Clients

In the entertainment business, casinos are the peak of providing a diverse line up of events and raking in a lot of money on the regular from live music and entertainment acts. These awesome events and performances pull in those crowds that may or may not be in for the gambling. Now, how does a casino manage to create events, promote them, sell tickets, collect payments, and handle any disgruntled event attendees all at once? They don’t. Only an event ticketing platform which has the right set of features can handle casino events and their audience. 

Yapsody has been the preferred event ticketing platform for independently-owned casinos for more than 25 years. Given our experience in the casino industry, we designed our event ticketing features in conjunction with our casino clients. 

Here are 9 event ticketing features preferred by our casino clients for ease of event creation, promotion, and revenue generation functionalities: 

1. Reserved Seating 

A defining factor of casinos is all things premium. Everything from the food to your accommodations. So why should the events be any different? A majority of our casino clients prefer reserved seating for giving their guests the ultimate flexibility in choosing premium seats and other added benefits. VIPs don’t stand in queues to attend events and that’s where reserved seating comes handy.   

2. Ticket Customization

A casino is one of those high profile venues that host events regularly. They can’t have a similar ticket design for every event. With our ticket customization option, they breathe life into their e-ticket by displaying brand and sponsor logos, custom illustrations, and upcoming events.   

3. User Management

There are big casinos and there are small casinos. Even in the smaller casinos, the teams working behind the scenes are large. With our ticketing system user management, casino clients seamlessly allocate roles and detailed permissions to each department. Your ground staff will use a different set of features compared to your marketing team hence creating an awesome event experience for everyone. 

4. Access Codes

Make your casino event an “invite-only” one. Unless your guests have an invitation, they don’t get to come. This is a classic case of poker tournaments being held in casinos where only the high rollers, VIPs, and celebrities are invited to attend in an exclusive event. Our casino clients enable this feature to make their online event tickets available for purchase through multi-use or single-use promo codes only. Hence maintaining that exclusivity casinos are known for. 

5. Discount Options

Many of our casino clients use our discount feature to create an all-inclusive package for their guests to elevate their resorts, spa, clubs, and restaurant services. By creating an event ticket with multiple discounts, our casino clients boost their ticketing revenue exponentially. 

6. Payment Gateway Flexibility 

A casino gets a footfall of thousands of global citizens every day. Our casino clients stay on their A-game when it comes to giving their guests the flexibility to choose from a multitude of payment options. We have integrated multiple payment gateways such PayPal, Mollie, WePay, Stripe, Braintree and many others for payment processing across over 60 countries while supporting 170+ currencies.

7. Surcharge Options

Many times, our casino clients witness their event sales rocketing up. That’s the time they take advantage of applying surcharges on events that will sell out soon, regardless of the ticket price. This gives them total control of maximizing their revenue. 

8. Event Marketing Services 

Running a casino isn’t for everyone and for those that do, have our respect. The casino business is a hectic one and in that process of setting things right on the floor, many clients miss out on marketing activities to boost their ticket sales. With our event marketing services such as premium event listing, co-branded blogs, social media promotion, and a host of SEO services, our casino clients offset their promotion activities to us. 

9. 24/7 Support 

Vegas is known as a 24-hour town as their casinos are open day and night. Our support team truly is a bunch of Jedi’s masters when it comes to solving high volume queries during casino events. Even when you think you have everything under control, chances of your events going haywire are high. That’s where our event ticketing platform shines as casino clients know Yapsody will be there to save the day. 

Want to supercharge your casino events into a money-making machine? SIGN UP with Yapsody and take total control of your event creation, promotion, and ticket sales.

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