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9 Essential Elements Of Your Event Planning Checklist

9 Essential Elements Of Your Event Planning Checklist

An event planning checklist is only effective when it’s loaded with essential elements that can make your job easier and your event attendees satisfied. These days, stepping out of the house can involve multiple checks – house keys, car keys, wallet, masks, sanitizers, and perhaps even the master sheet of your event checklist?!

Well, as an event planner we expect you to know better but as an event ticketing platform for worldwide organizers, we’re keen on reminding you of the essential elements that should be a definite part of your checklist.

Here are our Top 9 Elements For Your Event Planning Checklist: 

1. Updated Event Agenda

Creating A Logical Event Agenda is the first step to planning and chalking out the entire storyboard of your event. However, like every event, there are always twists and turns along the way so ensure to keep updating your roadmap accordingly. Maybe an event catering service didn’t work out or perhaps an artist canceled? 

An updated event agenda helps keep all your partners and team members on the same page for such instances and avoids goof-ups.  

2. Timely Reminders

Chances are that your event planning style already involves phases and countdowns to the D-Day. That is one of the highly successful methods of getting things done in a timely manner. However, while doing so ensure that you’re scheduling timely reminders to all the parties involved that will help imprint your upcoming events in their minds.

Timely reminders for early-bird discounts, dining partners, and vendor appointments need to be clocked into your event planning checklist in a phased manner for expected results.

If you need a countdown clock-style event planning guide, make sure to check out our Ultimate Event Planning Checklist for Managing Events that will help you phase it out smartly. 

3. A Master Sheet

This one is for the master planners who need everything on a single interface for maximum efficiency and control. Of course, when you sign-up with Yapsody, our functionalities help with all the heavy lifting but still, you need a blueprint in hand. Your master sheet has all the crucial details, contact numbers, passwords, and so on.

Keep your original event planning master sheet safe as the chances of going back to it for reference are really high. With event planning, your roadmap often changes up until the event day, so as a contingency plan, you can revert your original plan if needed. 

4. Updated Food Preferences

Are your music artists throwing food tantrums and now half of your event attendees just declared they’re vegan? Well, those are an event presenter’s worst nightmares that you would not want to be a part of.

As a proactive event planner, make sure you’re taking count of all your event attendees and artists’ dietary requirements. This will help take a load off your back and ensure that your catering services deliver accordingly.

Make sure that you’re using these 3 Types of Surveys to Improve Your Event Planning that will up your event planning game. 

5. Last-Minute Updates

Avoid the embarrassment of your keynote speaker having forgotten about the conference or your event attendees mistaking your concert date! 

In the days leading up to your event, minor changes such as the timings, show slots, or a safety protocol are expected. As part of your event planning checklist, keep some room in your offline and online communication platforms for last-minute updates.

Your Online Ticket Store should always be updated with the latest event details so that your ticket buyers can make swift decisions without missing out on any important info.   

6. Event Compliances & Permits

Well, unless you like getting in trouble with the law or copyright infringements, this one should be sorted out ASAP. Putting on your Spotify Wrapped playlist might sound tempting but won’t be legal. Similarly, there might be local state laws and regulations that need to be followed while planning an event. 

Make sure you’re obtaining the necessary event permits and meeting the government compliances as part of your event planning checklist. No one likes the police gatecrashing and stopping the show.

7. Alcohol & Food Licenses

Planning to host the best food festival in town? Or perhaps a Local Oktoberfest? Ensure that you get your alcohol and liquor licenses approved well before time in case you plan on having a cocktail bar at your event. The laws differ from state to state, so make sure you get your F&B experts to look into it with eagle eyes. 

8. Social Media Support

Ticked off almost all the boxes on your event planning checklist? Great. Make sure that your social media management team is on standby with a backup communication plan in case things go haywire. Event attendees might be hitting up your DM’s or Inboxes, so they need to be proactive in solving all their queries in a timely manner. 

9. Post-Event Feedback

So, your event exceeded expectations or maybe skyrocketed your reputation to the next level? Either way, your job does not end there.

Your personal reputation depends on the experience given not just to the attendees, but also to your – sponsors, speakers, volunteers, partners – everyone! Their feedback reflects your status, so planning it right is key.

We hope these 9 elements for your event planning checklist steers the essential aspects of your event management, revenue generation, event, and marketing. Make sure to subscribe to our blog below for more insights delivered to your inbox.

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