8 Steps to Raise Money for your Next Nonprofit Event

8 Steps to Raise Money for your Next Nonprofit Event

Nonprofits are all about fundraising. Nonprofit organizations use these funds to fulfill their cause, be it feeding impoverished kids or preserving wildlife. Fundraising is most often the primary means of revenue for nonprofit organizations. They’re able to do this by holding charity events of different kinds (Read our complete blog on 10 unique fundraising ideas for your next fundraising event). However, meeting every fundraising goal can be a challenge. Here’s how we recommend you raise funds for your next nonprofit event.

Building a Relationship With your Donor: Nonprofits are about building relationships. Your donors choose to donate at your event because of a sentiment they feel towards your cause and community. Send regular emails to your donors about the highlights and status of your community and cause using Yapsody’s integrated tool – MailChimp. This will make them feel valued and want to continue being associated with you and definitely be part of your next event. You can also use email marketing to acquire new donors by sending them invites to your event.

Raise Funds with Unique Ideas: As an event presenter, discovering new ideas for every nonprofit event can be challenging. However, today there are different resources available for event presenters like blogs, that give them a guideline for quick and unique fundraising ideas. To make your nonprofit event successful, organize activities that will engage potential attendees to get involved in your event. Think of fun ideas to raise money that are sure to rally people for your nonprofit cause.

Volunteers: Volunteers are those individuals who work tirelessly to raise money for your charity event. Believe us, nothing can be better than having a group of volunteers totally focussed and passionate about your cause. Recruit and empower your event with the right set of volunteers. Choose volunteers with good public persona as they can better influence others to join your rally.

Crowdfunding: Use the crowdfunding process to raise small amounts from a large number of people. It has become a popular way of raising funds today. Multiple crowdfunding sites are available online that help you support your cause. These sites give you a space to host your campaign in exchange for a percentage of the money raised. Find the right crowdfunding site for your event and get started.

Create a Realistic Budget: Now comes the most important aspect of preparing yourself for the setting up of the event. Create a realistic budget that can cover everything, in case of an emergency. Nonprofit events cost money. Envision your nonprofit event and estimate how much you will need to cover the total cost of the event including structural and catering costs. Budget is the integral and initial part of every event. If you get the first step right, the rest will follow. Since organizing an event is a repetitive process, create a basic structure and edit it according to your event specifications.

Venue: Once you’re done setting up a realistic budget, the next step is choosing the right venue for your event. Your venue will depend on the type of event you plan to host. If the event date is decided, booking your venue in advance will help you focus on the other details of your event better. Few things to keep in mind while selecting your venue:

  • The capacity of the venue in terms
  • The cost of the venue (Look for venues where they offer discounts for nonprofits)
  • If the venue offers catering, decor and seating solutions

Event Technology: Implementing the right software tool and the right online strategy can change the way you plan, promote and sell tickets. Tools like an effective online ticket store, virtual box office and mobile applications ease the organizing process for a nonprofit event. Using such tools save time and help event presenters to efficiently plan their event better. Opt for the reserved seating feature for your nonprofit events as it avoids chaos and helps you sell tickets in advance. When deciding an event ticketing platform for your next event, look for one that gives you a good deal in terms of fees. That way you can save more and sell more. For instance, at Yapsody we offer flat 50% rebate on monthly ticketing fees to nonprofit organizations which benefits them in their noble fundraising cause.

Event Promotion: Effective promotion of your nonprofit event is one of the key ways to drive more attendees to your event. Thanks to event marketing tools like social media sharing and Facebook ads, you can spread the word to your target audience in no time. Make your nonprofit event a great success with the right event promotion tools combined with the right marketing strategy.

By following these eight steps, we are sure that your next fundraising event will be a huge success. Create your next event with Yapsody and sell your first 50 tickets for free. Sell out your next nonprofit, fundraiser or charity event with Yapsody NOW!

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